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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

YOU’RE to blame for Roma crime?

Whatever you think of the BNP, on this issue they are spot on. J.H.

‘White’ crime in Britain is set to explode because police have listed the ethnicity of Roma gypsies in the same ethnic grouping as Britons.

Since Romania and Bulgaria officially entered the EU on 1st January 2014, thousands of Roma have travelled the breadth of Europe and poured across the border into Britain looking for easy pickings on our streets.

Allegedly Roma gangs are fuelling a crime wave in our cities and the crime rate is set to explode.

But it’s not going to be Roma gangs who are identified as being the culprits – it'll be you and me!

This is because police have bundled Roma gypsies, along with several other distinctly non-European peoples into their 'White' category on their Self Defined Ethnicity Codes chart.

Here is the chart that police use when identifying an offender’s ethnic and racial make up, see for yourself.

This second chart further breaks down the ‘Other White’ category.

You will notice that the IC2 listings – marked with a pink/beige highlight – feature several curious inclusions.

Most of the groups listed are, of course, people of Europe stock, white Europeans just like us.

Turks, Kosovans, Albanians and Roma are definitely not!

Turks, Kosovans and Albanians are Middle Eastern Muslims, while Roma gypsies are Asians with their roots in India.

Not only are these listings used by police to ethnically profile suspects and criminals, but they’re used to compile ONS (Office for National Statistics) figures, which has two impacts:

1. Population statistics are listing these groups of immigrants as 'White', serving to inflate the number of white people and thereby covering up the extent of our decline.

2. Crime committed by Roma gypsy gangs is being filed in the same category as that of white Britons which grossly skews the figures and incorrectly asserts that white Britons are also to blame for the sharp rise in crime – an accusation by police which is potentially defamatory and untrue.


  1. What do you mean, 'whatever you think of the BNP?' They are a Nationalist party, and they are fighting for their nation. Come on now, all this division and crap is doing the movement no good.

    Tin Tin

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