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Thursday, 16 January 2014


By Joe Cortina

Hosea 4:6 said, 
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you. . .”
Now - let this sink in and think about it for a while and you will achieve all of the wisdom that has taken me years of analysis – travel – observation and lecturing I can not intellectually think of another reason which would make us eager for the total moral and economic destruction of our own country. My visit to IsraHELL as an insider with the US intelligence community helped to reinforce the truth as to the level of psychopathic evil and wickedness that is hard wired into the jew mind.

I honestly believe these are the reasons we sold our souls . I have now watched this horrific major tragedy for fifty years of my adult life.

The only thing that can protect you against this evil insanity is KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM.


READ all of it slowly and carefully to get the main idea I am trying to put across =

The examples of why we love the poison these parasites and vampires that have taken our souls are legion – but here are a few examples that come to mind. I’m sure that those of you who have remained decent people could supply more valid examples of the evil plague they carry to every nation they infect.

The jew has provided SEX of ANY kind – any perversions – adultery is not only not a sin – IT IS COOL Watch their Talmud Vision jew tube and see for yourself – more fun – and now everybody is doing it !

The jew has provided us with hard DRUGS like crack cocaine and ecstasy to make us ‘feel better’ about ourselves – and have more fun! Too bad they are so expensive and often make us want to need their ‘fun’ so much we will kill to support our FUN habit.

The jew has provided an army of psychoquacks (psychiatrists) to take our money and make us feel better about ourselves as we are drugged out to make us function till we need to be re-drugged out. Feels good - till you die.

The jew has provided status for perversion filth and scum to seem normal. We now have MAJOR Jew tube specials on jew biker gangs – jew owned tattoo parlors – jew pawnshops and an assortment of inbred imbecile illiterate toothless disgusting redneck sludge such as gator man - snake man – turtle man - punkin chunkin – mudboggin – duck dynasty – all given role model status for our children to imitate because it looks like so much FUN .

The jew has provided new sexual pervert lesbian and homosexual superstars on the Jew tube – so other perverts can feel good about themselves and remind we “intolerant” ‘straight’ people that we must allow these fun demonic indulgences.

The jew has provided a welfare communist /socialist dream where we are cared for from cradle to grave (IDEAL for the average ignorant lazy trash that we have created) We thank you for your ideal Socialist paradise and our newest Marxist advocate – puppet-in-chief – Obama.

The jew has provided entertainment to satisfy our latent lust for violence - nudity – infidelity – and shallow meaningless displays of rich irresponsible brainless youth as the AmeriKan ideal – or to be 100% accurate – our new “IDOLS” The jew is the expert at worshiping himself or idols – as Moses found out

The jew has provided us with the security of a /peaceful’ society by taking away the guns we have to defend our families and our lives. They are so wise.

The jew has provided our sons with video games glamorizing war and murder and dehumanizing the ‘created’ enemies (their enemies – NOT ours) The endless violence empowers our naive youth like a drug and creates an endless supply of ‘fun to kill’ games. Whether it is their ’Halo’ or ‘Gears of War’ or ‘Call Of Duty’ they ALL make it look like fun to murder other ‘different looking’ people. Who needs enlistment propagandists. The jews have already insured millions of your sons will now kill for them.

The jew has provided a NEW ‘god’ for us to replace our old boring dull obsolete Christ. WE ARE NOW AS GODS – What could be more fun and powerful. If jews can claim to be greater than God – why can’t we?

The jew has provided an entire array of Talmud Vision programs dedicated to the vice of gluttony. Many programs now make gluttony an AmeriKan pastime with contests. whereas we once believed we ate to LIVE – the jew has taught us that we should LIVE to EAT That is why we have all those ‘jolly’ half ton blobs of fat who can’t even stand.

The jew has provided a new ‘religion’ of pleasures called Zionism – where Satan is supreme – to replace the outmoded dull boring difficult path of Christianity – and a new land to literally worship — ISRAHELL

The jew has now dominated the child entertainment industry – where Disney Director Eisner ‘BRAGS’ about having fun in a place where 60% of the contacts with children are homosexual perverts – but after all – as long as the kids are HAVING FUN – what’s wrong with a few pedophiles here and there. JEWS ARE FUN FUN FUN!

The jew has obfuscated the power of God and declared that MAN and NOT God reigns supreme in this life – and that WE are godlike all by our own efforts- GREAT! This guiltless warm fuzzy feely new cult is really catching on. New age leaders for the jew like Mr. squinty face himself - Joel Osteen – teach us that ‘picking up the cross’ is nonsense!

The jew has made the guilt of lying now seem as a virtue – something to be expected – so we do not feel guilt. Lying Presidents are always forgiven by the jews – so why shouldn’t we? What a relief and good feeling. All those lies we tell our children wives neighbors and business associates – it s all OK - as long as we don’t get caught of course.

The jew has made the murder of ‘inconvenient pesky’ babies LEGAL in AmeriKA – so we no longer have the guilt trip of knowing that we murdered our own innocent human child - since the jew has graciously reminded us that this was NOT a human being with a soul – just a blob or protoplasm we should refer to as a ‘fetus’. Ahh – more fun- no guilt.

The jew promotes the use and ESPECIALLY the abuse of credit to even the most irresponsible detritus of society so we can all feel better with new material toys. “NO CREDIT? BAD CREDIT? COME SEE ZION AUTO BROKERS TODAY – AND DRIVE THE CAR OF YOUR DREAMS FOR NO MONEY DOWN”

The jew provides all manner of new drugs to make our penis bigger and encourages all ages to experiment by their filthy adds – MORE SEX IS MORE FUN!

The jew has provided ‘comedians who make us laugh with their vulgar profane obscenities that we used to feel guilty about laughing at. Now we have learned to laugh at jokes about not only those Camel Jockeys and sand niggers but at the burned and mutilated bodies of their “cockroach” children that we have murdered. We also howl with laughter when the mother of God is satirized as a WHORE on the jew owned Fox TV (Jon Stewart – aka – Leibowitz)

The jew provides the most rancid shock jock entertainment – usually by other Jews like Jerry the jew Springer so we can explore our dark side without guilt – new laughs at the most putrid sludge we once considered filth.

The jew provides us with endless guilt trips about jew issues because of their Hollow hoax lies – and give us an opportunity to ‘feel better about ourselves’ if we help jew causes – or even allow these demons to preach their filth in our churches – as is now a common practice on the jew worshiping DayStar TV network . We feel better now about helping Satan.

The jew make us feel patriotic by wrapping ourselves around the flag and sending our sons to become murderers of children – or being maimed or killed themselves

The jew – knowing that most AmeriKans are brain dead morons – make us feel ‘more religious’ as we blaspheme Christ’s teachings in pursuit of murderous Jew agendas - especially the 60 million Southern BaptDUNGS

The jew has supplied our youth with and encouraged the participation in demonic ‘music’ and the demons who perform it – as it makes us realize the latent demonic nature in ourselves – which is FUN! Rock-n-roll is now accepted ‘entertainment’ in the house of God. WHY? – because it is more FUN than hearing the TRUTH!

This list is FAR from complete and could be endless. It ALL – really becomes the AmeriKan way of life AFTER the cunning Jew bought his way into being given a land – STOLEN from the people who toiled there since the time of Christ – and now called IsraHELL BEFORE there was an IsraHELL – anybody – jew or not – who tried to force this shit down our throats would have been beaten in the streets like mad dogs.

Point is – we have taken all of the matters and qualities such as temperance – justice – honesty – truthfulness – piety – reverence – frugality – chastity – honor – compassion – love – courage – hard work - charity – wisdom – sincerity – education – honor – WISDOM and TRUTH – which made this country great and blessed AND POSSIBLE by the efforts of our Christian Founding Fathers – and TRADED THEM for greed – avarice - lust – hate – violence -sloth - cruelty – materialism – infanticide – perversions – lies – hypocrisy – gluttony – pride – criminal ignorance -irresponsibility – arrogance – disrespect – shallowness - pedophilia – adultery – racism – profanity – blasphemy – self indulgence - hurtfulness and deceit.

In other words – we now are ALL having MUCH more fun living lives of evil and wickedness like our occupiers and masters – the jews. We now imitate and honor THEIR Lifestyles. It has been said for time in memoriam- that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Lets be honest with ourselves. The vast majority of drones who exist in what was once the United States of America – LOVE the JEWS! They have taught us how to have MORE FUN in every aspect and every experience of our lives.

Just look at Christmas – which USED to be a HOLY day to remind us of our faith and how important it was to lead our lives in such a fashion as to be more like Him in our everyday lives. BUT it wasn’t all fun and easy - and since so many of us have become lovers of jew ambitions like wealth sex and power – we sold our souls and heritage for the way of the jew – and turned the Birth of our Lord into a secular frenzy of parties – eating drinking and trying to look better and more prosperous than our neighbor with lavish decorations approved ONLY by the jew such as animals of every description from polar bears to chipmunks candy canes sleighs trees wreaths and a morbidly obese old man in a red suit and lots of catchy goody feely drinking songs – AS LONG – as they NEVER dare to mention the name of Jesus. A huge Devil’s pitchfork now has replaced Christ at the White House. Christmas in USA is now all about jews.

In recent decades we - did gradually supplicate our learned desires for all things good, Godly, noble and wholesome for the hedonistic materialistic salacious perverse Jew way of life. WHY??  BECAUSE THE JEW WAY IS MORE FUN FOR WEAK MORALLY BANKRUPT CRIMINALLY IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE – like us Merkans! 

Here is a fact that should sadden us all – but will probably instill a reaction of ‘so what’!

I live in a moderately upscale waterfront community of about three hundred families – about half working and half retired. Some twenty five years ago I conducted my own ‘litmus test’ of how ‘good’ our people still were  compared to what I remembered as a child over 65 years earlier in a very modest struggling low middle class neighborhood when the poorest family had a modest nativity scene and no decent person would even THINK to demean and mock such a HOLY DAY as Christmas with the current PC jew term of ‘HOLIDAY’.

Of the three hundred homes where I live now – there were were about 60-75% who had ‘outside decorations’ and of that there were only about ten to fifteen % who had a motif which in any way actually honored the MEANING of the event – the BIRTH OF CHRIST!  That was the ‘old’ test.  Hold that thought .  A few days ago just before Christmas 2013 –  I decided to do the same check. I found that only THREE of our (still) three HUNDRED homes, opted to honor Jesus with some sort of Nativity instead of the secular childish nonsense of Santa Claus reindeer elves and all of the other meaningless jew approved tripe that we NOW display which was originally meant to honor the spirit of His coming.

I was sickened at this reality of what we had become. The only ones honoring Christ were three old traditional families.  Many of the displays were large and impressive and expensive – but no modern young family honored ‘Christ’s birthday’ – not one! I predict in the next few years ANY such TRUE sentiments of love of Christ will be out of style or most probably illegal – as they might offend the one jewish or other Godless POS resident.

Had anyone who was considered sane and rational – seriously suggested that Prayer to God would EVER be removed as being against the law – from our public schools – say – in 1950 when I was twelve years old – they would have been declared nut cases.  TRUST ME. That was once considered so anti -Family so anti -American – so anti -Christian – NO real Christian American (not to be confused with putrid Christ mocking ignorant hypocrite filth like BaptDUNG ‘Christian -Zionists’) would have even thought of such evil reprobate jew insanity.

 A little more than a decade later – after the relentless invasion of jew instigated rock ‘music – mostly from England – the same Godless sludge who welcomed these trash as ‘FUN” entertainment – supported legislation that would forever ‘set the  bar’ for a spiraling relentless jew supported ‘revolution’ of sex drugs and Rock -N-Roll  – it became LAW!  This open jew instigated and jew supported mockery of Christ was the beginning of the end of the image of the greatness of America – make no mistake!

I love music – NOT THAT DISGUSTING ELECTRONIC DEMENTED NOISE  – but real music and wholesome clean-cut people who performed it. Decent talented warm memorable entertainers like The Kingston Trio and The Four Freshmen – so loved by my generation-was replaced by the filth of Godless amoral drugged out reptiles like Rolling Stones – Pink Floyd – Byrds – Beatles and then worse demonic looking filth like Kiss almost all jew performed managed and promoted.

Then we allowed more drugs – unconscionably evil entertainment hard rock noise - and disgusting filth – ‘free love’ – an entire generation of turned on  – tuned out – drugged up  -dropped out - good for nothing lazy sludge – corrupt politicians – false prophets screaming obscenities from false churches -  putrid disgusting obscene reprobate nasty filth in our living rooms via the addicting poisonous Talmud Vision – and other bad things We had swallowed the jew poison to the core of our souls and WE LOVED IT!   Oh – how we loved these ‘gifts’ of the jews.

All of this horrible jew promoted evil was OBVIOUSLY destructive to the common good and future welfare of the nation.  So – what did we decide to do with our future and that of our children?

We sold out everything for 30 pieces of Jew silver – all over again.


We are now – for the most part - a nation of hypocrites . We jew lovers have become no better than animals, free from all those moral encumbrances that have enslaved us and kept us from having fun – like a MIND or a CONSCIENCE – or a SOUL or even a ‘HEART’!

AND- SADLY – WE LOVE IT EVEN MORE TODAY. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE JEWS – or stay with the jews and you will lose!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.

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  1. Wow... What a way to spend 30 minutes of valuable time. Joe's sirname is what some white nationalists describe as Mexican or 'wetback'. This proves that lumping in all folk with the enemy, just by name or where their ancestry lies, is wrong. Dare I risk alienating myself, by saying that Netanyahu's statement about Christian Zionists, is to an extent, what we White Nationalists should apply? In other words, those 'good' Jews of past and present, along with other non-Whites who speak the truth from our standpoint, should at least be treated with respect, although at arms length. Freinds not family is apt I think.