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Saturday, 25 January 2014

White Women Flying Around the World to Have Sex with Blacks are Bringing HIV-AIDS Back to the UK


British women are flying to Africa to engage in bestiality with the local wildlife, and bringing HIV-AIDS back home.

This is intensely sick.

Though I have to wonder – if they are looking for jungle love, why would they need to leave England to get it?

Also, why on earth would a woman want to have sex with a black man voluntarily? Surely, if it was the size of their members, the women could instead simply have sex with a horse or bull, and not expose themselves to so much risk.

I suppose it is a power thing for them, to feel as though they are able to dominate the poor illiterate jungle boys.

Anyway, they should all be lynched.

Numbers of people who have acquired HIV AIDS through heterosexual sex in the UK has risen dramatically and is expect to continue, experts have warned.
UK infections have increased from 1,950 in 2001 to over 4,000 in 2011, more than double. Then in 2012, a worrying 6390. It is estimated that in 2013 this number was close to 8000. However the number of new diagnoses among people born in Africa has dropped from 35 per cent of total diagnoses in 2011, to 29 per cent in 2012 and Research from Taylor Nelson Sofres Healthcare, the TNSH shows that 54% of all HIV infections in the UK are from heterosexual sex.
So why a sudden increase in HIV prevalence amongst white British heterosexuals? The vast majority of heterosexual women diagnosed with HIV in the UK are infected abroad and David Sykes of HIVNow UK believes it is largely due to female sex tourism 
“The numbers of western women travelling to lesser developed countries to have sex with the local men has risen dramatically in the past few years.”
“Unfortunately the most popular sex tourist destinations appear to be areas with severe HIV AIDS issues” he continues 
“These women have unprotected sex with men in Africa then come home and give it to their husbands.”
“I came across a case recently where a married man and woman were both infected by HIV along with their two young children. Upon investigation it was revealed the woman had taken part in a humanitarian trip eight years earlier in sub Saharan Africa, having unprotected vaginal and anal sex with local men – infecting her husband a year later then subsequently infecting her two children through breast feeding.”
Popular female sex tourism destinations include the Caribbean, particularly Barbados and Jamaica and African countries such as Gambia, Senegal and Kenya.
Guardian writer Julie Bindel speculated in an article that HIV infection figures suggest that condom use by the “beach boys” in the Caribbean region may be sporadic, yet female sex tourists do not appear at all preoccupied by the potential risks. Many women thinking that HIV is something that only happens to gay men and that given the unusual atmosphere and excitement of sex with an exotic man, condoms are rarely used or discussed before intercourse – and if anything are discouraged by western women [Sick fucking bitches].


  1. “These women have unprotected sex with men in Africa then come home and give it to their husbands.”

    What sort of self respecting husband lets their missus go to Africa on their own? Beggers belief. They deserve to get AIDS if that's their attitude.


  2. Black men are small compared to me. A lot of women do have sex with horses, dirty bitches

  3. The heading is misleading. It caught my attention as if, only black people had HIV/AIDS, and white women were flying around the world to get from them. Hmmmm very misleading.
    These ladies are silly. They have lost their marbles to risk their lives to have sex with unknown partners; not knowing if they're positive or negative. But to have unsafe sex is a risky lifestyle. If I were the husband, I wouldn't have sex with them for months after they returned from their vacay, and then before having sex I'd have them tested. Only way to resolve that issue. And use condoms from that point on.