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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wait for it!….

The Jews think Germany has no right whatsoever to criticize them or Israel, to make suggestions, or to otherwise say something they disapprove of due to the holocaust bullshit. That’s what makes this even better. Sooner or later Germany is going to wake up and jettison the holocaust and ‘nazi’ laws. Then shit will get real.

A couple of months ago some Jews went batshit insane when 20ish year old college students said they shouldn’t be contributing money towards holocaust reparations. 

And they shouldn’t. Not only does that money go to Israel but it also has been scammed on more than one occasion by Jews. The whole thing is a scam anyways.

The Jews better think about their actions because sooner or later Europe will toss them all into ovens for real this time if they keep this shit up

The thing about history is it tends to repeat itself. On one hand, NSDAP Germany is almost ancient history at this point. On the other hand it wasn’t historically that long ago. The Jews are long overdue for another expulsion and for entire nations to call them out on their bullshit.

We will see this begin in the US. 1933 is right around the corner.

Too late? Tell that to the Germanic tribes that crippled Rome right at the height of its glory.

Tell it to the Revolutionists who fought off the worlds’ largest, most well trained military in the 1700s.

The west will overcome all obstacles, crush all foes, as it ever was- your fatalism is your greatest weakness.

>Germany kicks out and cleanses Jews.

>Israel kicks and cleanses native Palestinians.

>My country should allow more immigrants

>Israel should allow immigrants like all other countries and embrace diversity

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    The world is mired is jewish filth because the world is a jewhiss toilet and the ADL of the BnaiBrith its ideological anus.

    I am a holocaust affirmer.... My affirmation consists of the probable reality that the six million number is derived of jewish cabala and the 'fact' that the number of 'god' is represented by the number 42, this 'israel' was prophesied to be made undead in 1948, 48 derived of the numbers 6 and 8 being the sum product of the numbers 4 and 2 and 14 as in 1914 the sum of 6 and 8......

    The ' 6 million' is a religious number, and the ADL its enforcers who refuse to permit of proper forensic investigation to discover the truth of the matter, Veritas or Truth being the allegorical Daughter of Saturn reputed to hide in a Well that is regularly poisoned by the lies of the jews.

    Mostly.... jews are full of schitt........ and judasism, a religion dedicated to harming others, for profit and pleasure.