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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Uncontrolled immigration has brought back slums

WITH a new influx now under way from Romania and Bulgaria nobody should underestimate the problems that excessive immigration has already brought to our major cities.

David Cameron is shown around a house in Southall, London 
where up to 14 people had been living 

The latest clampdown on the rapidly proliferating “beds in sheds” phenomenon is a reminder of the squalor that occurs when proper immigration controls are not in place.

Some of those occupying outbuildings are illegal immigrants working for cash in hand while others are legally here from Eastern Europe.

But neither groups pays council tax despite the services they use and their combined numbers are putting a huge strain on communities, creating fire hazards and undermining public health while all the time unscrupulous landlords profit.
"There has been a palpable failure by successive governments to protect the quality of life of the law-abiding British public."
Susan Hall of Harrow Council is therefore to be commended for sounding the alarm on behalf of local authorities across the country. Were immigration properly controlled then the nation could benefit from the skills that newcomers can bring [bullshit].

But the downside of our chaotic, open-door approach is all too often to be found in the back gardens of terraced houses where an invisible population lurks in a re-creation of the slum-dwelling that most of us hoped had disappeared for good half a century ago.

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