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Sunday, 5 January 2014

This is how the Jew wants White men to be

Written by John Hardon
Hardons blog

Black men on the British 'Jew box' (TV) are in the main portrayed as 'Masculine', caring and protectionist. White men on the other hand are portrayed as Faggots and Wimps.

Nearly every time I turn the Jew box on I see these two abomination's to God and humanity, women are being programmed to choose Niggers for sex and procreation. It is so blatantly obvious now and their is no refuting it, it's in your face.

Jew promoted Faggot Rylan Clark
Clark was born Ross Richard Clark[1] on 25 October 1988 in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex,[2] to mother Linda Clark.[3] His early career was working for Optical Express in Lakeside Shopping Centre.[citation needed] He is openly gay[4] and supports same-sex marriage. wikipedia
Jew promoted Faggot Louis Spence (Yes he does look like a Jew)
Spence is openly gay[11] and has been in a civil partnership with a Spanish man since 2007.[12][13] He and his partner first met in September 2000.[14][15] He says that his best friend is singer and presenter Emma Bunton.[16] He said that he has had botox injections and does not eat fish.[17] wikipedia
Niggers like the Freak below are also being promoted by the Jew, this creature is not homosexual (allegedly) and acts as though he is gods gift to women. He is a mixed race mongrel just as Lewis Hamilton, Beyonce  and a host of others, results of Miscegenation are being promoted by the Jew (Including Obama).

Dappy, should be 'nappy head'

Although they are 'Mongrels' they are almost always referred to by the Jew media as 'Black'. This is all part of the subliminal programming aimed at impressionable young minds.

Why is this being done? It is a concerted effort (along with many other measures) to achieve White Genocide and the frightening thing is that it's working. White people, our people seem to have resigned themselves to the idea that race doesn't matter. Learn at your own peril, you have condemned future generations of our race to Hell at the bequest of the parasite Jew who has never done anything for you but rob you of your Nation and wealth. If you are prepared to accept that, then I, and many others in our movement are wasting our time.

But know this myself and other National Socialists can rest easy in our beds at night knowing that we are carrying out the work of the Creator in doing everything we can to educate and teach the truth to our folk, if they choose to ignore it, then we have not failed, they have.

John Hardon 14/88

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  1. Heil wise words, always. Passionate and to the point.
    Gunther 88