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Monday, 20 January 2014

Third World Immigrant Scum killing baby girls in the womb, no questions asked

No one should be shocked, or even faintly surprised, by last week’s two revelations about the booming British abortion business.

'British' citizens in Bradford yesterday appear unconcerned. 

First, The Independent published statistical analysis of the 2011 National Census, demonstrating that there have been ‘illegal’ sex-selective abortions within communities from the subcontinent, resulting in the ‘disappearance’ of up to 4,700 girls.

A day later, Government ministers admitted that in more than half of the almost 200,000 abortions that take place annually, the woman seeking termination had been seen by neither of the two doctors whose assent and signatures are required.

When the Daily Mail put this second revelation to Lord Steel, who as a young MP was responsible for the 1967 Abortion Act, he declared that the figures were ‘regrettable’ and ‘against the spirit of the Act’.

Excuse me, Lord Steel, but they are entirely in the spirit of the Act you piloted through Parliament as a precocious 29-year-old — and it’s hard to believe that you don’t remember. During that parliamentary battle, opposing MPs repeatedly pointed out that the so-called ‘social’ clause — allowing abortions if continuation of the pregnancy would impair the ‘mental health’ of the woman more than termination — was indistinguishable in practice from abortion on demand.

What we are seeing here is an echo of the much wider ‘gendercide’ that has been taking place on the subcontinent. Over the past 20 years it is estimated that about ten million female embryos have been selectively aborted in India.

This is not merely misogyny, or ancient prejudices toxically combined with modern antenatal scanning and blood tests. There is a lot of money involved. The iniquitous dowry system means that girls are a much greater financial burden to their parents than boys — and it is a practice operating in this country among many families of the same background.

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