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Friday, 17 January 2014

The terror continues!

While the suicides of impoverished Greeks is becoming a daily phenomenon, the occupational government still carries on the task of their Jewish bosses. Two more MPs of our Movement, Germenis and Iliopoulos, have been arrested as a result of their opposition against the traitors and their ideas. Both MPs were held hostage for 7 and 5 hours respectively, standing in front of the modern Inquisition and being forced to "confess" their crime of being part of a criminal organization, while never mentioning any specific criminal act! Due to this charade a third MP, comrade Mpoukouras couldn't be interrogated because the judges were exhausted!

Meanwhile the government prepares to pass new tax laws that expect to remove from the People the amount of 11 billion euros! We are witnessing the beginning of their end. The desperate struggle for support. The last panic moves before the fall. Fatal moves that reveal the decline of the Regime and their fear against the only genuine opposition in Greece. The Golden Dawn is here to stay, and those that still can't see this are not only cowards, but idiots as well.

Hail Victory!

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  1. The Juden are simple organisms. They cannot function other than parodying Western man's ways, and thus, like so many of nature's parasitic, and simple life forms, they feed off the host. The host being a mass of physically and spiritually sophisticated, neurons and other, created matter, simply gets the life sucked out of it.

    Sentient Being of Europe.