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Sunday, 26 January 2014


A "so sorry" (for slavery) demonstration 

The Lifeline Expedition is a group of pseudo-Christian activists bringing together Africans, descendants of enslaved Africans and brain addled White libtards from the US and UK.

The March of the Abolitionists and the seven year series of Lifeline Expedition journeys around the North Atlantic world ended in the City of London on July 11th.
The pathetic Whites on the Expedition teams wear yokes, chains, and "so sorry" T-shirts to express apology for the role of their ancestors in the slave trade.

More pictures of idiots like this pair of pricks HERE

The first Reconciliation Walk to attract worldwide attention was part of the journey to the USA in 2004, which began in Maryland. Lifeline Expedition partnered with the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation (of 'Roots' fame) for the Reconciliation Walk. 

In 2006, the Lifeline idiots issued an apology at the opening ceremony of the International Roots Festival in Gambia. Groveling apologies, on bended knee, were given by English, French, German and American members of the touring libtards. The Vice President of the Gambia  accepted their apology and released them from the yokes and chains. 

Andrew Hawkins knelt and apologised for his ancestor's actions

The Expedition's self-hating antics have even been incorporated into the curriculum of predominantly White schools!

This is psychological CHILD ABUSE

Meanwhile, the epidemic of random Black on White hate crimes and murders continues to quietly spread across the US, Europe, and South Africa. The media, and the White Libtards, don't want to talk about it. Where is the "apology" for these victims?

Who is really behind the insanity of "White Guilt" and the very real "War on Whites"? And to what end?

Here's a clue:


  1. I do NOT applogise for Jews, Chinese, or Moorish tribes who were enslaving Blacks centuries before the Aryan went to Africa. I do however, pride myself on being part of the Race, Whites, who stopped it.


  2. The problem is that the 'jew' is conspicuously absent from the Trans-Atlantic Slave narrative. This is truly remarkable unless you realise that the jew controls the dissemination of this false narrative. Do-gooder whites just don't get it! They are completely taken in by Spielberg and co. falsification of history. It was the jew who fought against the abolition of slavery in the Civil War and only pushed for 'Black Civil Rights' when it furthered their long term interests. Rosa Parks, Michael King etc. were convenient pawns promulgated by the jew to facilitate mass Third World immigration into the USA post 1965. And look what a mess they have created by this dastardly process of actively promoting:multiculturalism, wimmins lib, pornography, homo-sexuality and empty headed consumerism.The jew was born to destroy all that is good and natural! Itsinum. As Hitler wrote, quoting Schopenhauer, 'The jew is the Master of the Lie'.