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Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Satanic Vatican II Sect V The Catholic Church In Exile ~Bishop Williamson

By EndZog

Why is it important for white nationalists to support the Catholic Church in exile? Because this Church is intrinsically opposed to our greatest enemies; the ancient enemies of our race and the Church; the Jews, freemasons and cultural Marxist communists. It may not be specifically white, but it is not cultural Marxist-multikult either, it may not be specifically Nationalist, but it is anti-Internationalist.

The one blessing that did arise from Vatican II was that the Catholic Church in exile will more resolutely reject the liberal Jewish influences that have turned the Vatican II sect and the current Vatican into the home of Satan himself on earth.

The Society of St. Pius X (commonly known as the SSPX) is a Catholic priestly society, founded in 1970 by the Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre from France. The purpose of the society is to maintain the true Catholic Church in exile by providing priests who uphold traditional and orthodox Catholicism, free from any association with neo-modernist, Judaised, heritical, cultural Marxist, freemsonary and scismatic doctrines which, through external influences which over a long period of time infiltrated the church until finally the Jewish masonic order B’nai B’rith were enabled to choose two popes in succession to turn the Catholic Magisterium on it’s head and bring the Church under the control of the growing Jew World Order.

The society came to prominence following the Second Vatican Council. Existing in around sixty countries to date, the SSPX holds to authentic Catholic doctrine and celebrates the traditional Latin Mass according to the missal expurgated by Angelo Roncalli in 1962.


The Satanic Vatican II Sect V The Catholic Church In Exile. ~Bishop Williamson:

Archbishop Lefebvre, it’s founder, became in the eyes of the wider world the standard bearer of Catholic tradition in resistance to the diabolical innovations of the Second Vatican Council and it’s “spirit” in the period after. Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Meyer consecrated four Bishops at Écône in 1988 (Bishops Bernard Fellay, Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson, and Alfonso de Galarreta); in response the Vatican II Church pretended to excommunication them, which they later claimed to “rescind” under Antipope Joseph Ratzinger.

It is in large part because of the SSPX that the Vatican II Church has responded by creating societies for Indult Catholics to poach members and bring them under their control, such as the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and Fraternity of St. Vincent Ferrer. There have been break-aways from the SSPX over the years which embrace an explicit sedevacantist position such as the Society of St. Pius V.

If you are a practicing Catholic or wish to enrich your life with a conservative, traditional faith which provides the moral and social guidance lacking in your children’s education and experience in the Judaized, Satanized modern world, you might consider finding and supporting your nearest SSPX chapel; do not submit or offer any sort of support to the Vatican II sect, their diocesan structure or their Freemasonic new religion and help to fight the serpent who has destroyed our race, nations, culture and morals and who is now trying to invade this church.

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