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Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Rise Of Satan

Jew World Order: The Rise Of Satan

Antipope Rabbi Francis of the blashphemous, heretical, totally doctrinally illegal apostacy that is the Vatican II Sect said in the last few weeks that “The internet is a gift from God.” of course to his Jew masters so was the atomic bomb, the trendiness of abortion as an increasingly popular form of contraception, the filthy, gross and disgusting miscegenation's of a new generation of white women now turning into slags and whores bent on creating a mixed-race of dumbed-down, violent, criminal, low-IQ, fatherless black children to satisfy their carnal lusts fanned by Jew advertising and entertainment.

The internet was almost the last hardware nail in the coffin of God’s beautiful diverse creation of different species of human races, cultures, religions, philosophies, animals, nations and plants. I say almost because the total control Jews now have over world science has yet to produce newly created races of transgenic, trans-human, augmented, multi-sexual human-animal-robot beings as well as food which is both at the same time meat and vegetable combined, horror species of giant lumps of laboratory-bred animal-plants without eyes or legs or any life of their own except to feed the shelves of the growing total control of the international food industry by the Jew.

inevitably all these new creations of Lucifer the Lord of the world, all these new species moving and immovable, will be, the followers of the Talmud hope, the new inhabitors of an earth cleansed of all human forms except the Jew, and I use the word form advisedly in this context to mean a body, for the Jew has never been human, the Jew is the enemy of humanity, the Jew is not the child of God but the child of Satan.

As Jesus pointed out in John 4:88 the modern Jew, descendants of the Pharisees, is no less than the incarnation on earth from hell itself of the fallen angels of Satan’s war on God taken flesh to revenge against and destroy the humanity He had raised above the angels. The main motivation of the Jew has always been jealousy of god’s humankind and their solid and firm determination over millennium has been to win on earth the victory over God that they could not and did not win in heaven.

Even the Indians; Hindu, Parsee and Sikh, at least those tiny handful capable of individual human thought and independent analysis, a facet completely missing in their genetic DNA, are aware that as the Kaliyuga descends upon us; the age of Kal [see Priestess of Hitlerism: Savitri Devi] or Satan long predicted in their scriptures, that Kal and his hordes who are ushering in this age of increasing immoral horror and inhuman terror, this age of spiritual, cultural and racial death are the Jews.

India after all was the last nation to be seductively led by the silvery tones of the Satanic Hebrews into becoming the ‘new tiger’ economy. Previously it had been America and central Europe in the 1980′s and 90s. Then it had been Ireland, then India and now the circus has moved to China and very soon Africa with the Jewish banksters now controlling and owning the economies, media and future of all those now financially broken nations. Meanwhile China is to be the new financial hub, the new superpower of the Jews.

Becoming a ‘Tiger’ means to have your national pride and ego used against you to convince you that you are somehow intellectually more capable than the rest of humanity of creating some sort of permanent economic paradise with ever rising real estate and land prices and jobs, jobs, jobs.

But behind the scenes this fairground effect is just another glitzy Hollywood-style production funded by phony money and when it collapses around the ears of those nations the morning sun rises to show the tattered remains of the party the night before, it’s sharp penetrating light falling on the tattered remains of what now amounts to a massive, unpayable financial debt to the transnational Jewish banksters.

Just in the last few weeks the Vatican’s kitchens resounded to the screams of lambs whose throats were ritually cut within the walls of St. Peter and whose blood formed large crimson-red pools on the marble floor as they died in avoidable agony before rabbis prepared Kosher food for a dinner-party thrown by the Antipope for his Jewish friends. What price the lamb of God in a world in which the true character of a man like Francis is defined not by his personal moral worth but the presentation of his Hollywood image in the Jewmedia and celebrity entertainment world.

When God created the world even as satan and his brood watched in anger and hate from the bowels of hell He created a world which was truly diverse, a world where action and reaction could only take place in a creation where one species struggled against another to survive, for all joy of conscious being was founded in the success in battle to create a space to call one’s species own, to each species a sort of kingdom in which they in their own particular way overcame the battle to own a place in the creation.

He created one race above another and placed the white race at the top for it’s abilities to improve humanity. Ah but the Jew who in parts of Africa is an African, in parts of China is a Chinaman, the creeping, crawling, shape-shiftin camelian lizzard morphed to look like a white man and slowly and insidiously with all the characteristics of the snake who is his holiest emblem destroyed from within everything the white man created or re-motivated his task to the bad instead of the good, to the material instead of the philosophical.

The early antecedents of this race who in their travels as small groups away from the European ice age created all the great civilisations of the world was used and abused by the Jew moneylenders behind the thrones of their medieval monarchs to create colonialism, seize the slave trade from the Arabs and to slowly destroy the great civilisation and race god had bestowed upon them.

Some white people talk longingly of the ‘End of Days,’ others of the great tribulation promised by our Lady of Fatima, few even feel we can still beat the Jew as that greatest figure in our history besides Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler sought to do it by expelling them from Europe. others say that the Jews have defeated Jesus in this world as they defeated Adolf Hitler with their lies.

2014 has started under a cloud of despair for all those, and God knows they are not many, who are fighting the coming of Satan’s Jew World Order. Our white European men are weakened by enforced Jewish stereotypes through education and entertainment of the ’love and peace’ immature, pansy they are called on to be, as well as the demands upon them by the feminist disease which has infected their females and increasingly drives them to seek east Asian brides as the only other alternative to mating with homosexuals or white women who are increasingly just as good as homosexuals with vagina's.

White women, without the God-created guidance of a strong male and moral patriarchy, sink like stones into the animal kingdom, seemingly impatient to want to transforms themselves without any delay from Madonnas to Mudsharks. There is a distinct possibility that without the existence of the white patriarchy the white female is destined for extinction, especially as God did not bestow, for the best of reasons within the rational society which we no longer have, upon the female the ability to rationalize her situation.

The law, spiritual and temporal has always been dictated by God through man in all religions and all nations. Feminism was created by Jewish men and until this date no white woman, not even those intellectuals at the very heights of white nationalism have been able to form any critical analysis of their situation, blaming everything, which is all that is in their mental capacity to do, on men.

Some now wonder if after the coming long age of darkness under the imminent world Jewish tyranny the group which will emerge as their defeaters; the new victors and the new shapers of humanity, will in fact be a race bred by white men and east Asian women. while the forbears of today’s miscegenating white women will sit in their huts counting the proceeds of their muggings, rapes and robberies.

Know Satan for he hates true diversity, he longs to destroy any individuality in any form it has arisen. He will not rest until ‘everything is equal’ i.e. the same, everything is packagable, weighable, everything has been reduced to commodity with a price tag, even the free flight of the butterfly accorded a market value.

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