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Friday, 3 January 2014

The Jew, the Scheißloch of Humanity - Part 4 – Why We Hate Jews – 2


Miscegenation - The Morality of Death

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Scripture Reading: Revelation 2:14

The baby boomer generation, if they were raised in Christian homes, were taught:
“Thou shalt not kill,”
“Thou shalt not steal,”
“Thou shalt not bear false witness,” 
‘Thou shalt not race mix” 
was nowhere to be found in the Ten Commandments, even though it’s right there.

In the 1950’s racial matters were taking on a new perspective from influential Jews. 
It was a given at that time that God made White people distinct from all the other races of the earth and that He separated us by kind and geography. 

The Jews had to influence the pulpits of America to influence the people into a new way of looking at other races. 

That influence was egalitarian, meaning racial equality and “Love thy neighbour” took on a whole new dimension by redefining biblical terms that pertained only to Israel, the people of the Bible. 

Luther bible - 1545

The conceptual contrast can be seen between our own Bible and the jewish Talmud. Lev. 19:18 says, 
“Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear a grudge against the children of thy people, but shall love your neighbour as yourself.”
The context is racial i.e. “Thy people.”

The Jewish Bible, or תנ"ך, Tanakh
The jews say it's in Hebrew . . .
But they cackle in Yiddish NOT HEBREW.

The jewish Tanach, on the other hand translates it quite differently, 
“You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your countrymen, love your fellow as yourself.” 
The context is now geographical and eliminates “neighbour” as your own kind. 

The divinity of YAHWEH the Christ is hated by the Jews, because His genealogy, back to the first White man, Adam, was a seedline of racial purity. 

The genealogy of Jews is an ancestry of mingled seed whether it is traced as far back as Cain or to Esau or to Eastern European Ashkenazi jews, whom 95% of jewry are connected to and come from the Turko-Mongol Khazars of the 9th Century AD. 

Genesis 3:15 is the distinction between the racially pure and the racially impure and the subsequent conflicts that would arise throughout history. 

God’s prohibition against these interracial relationships was one means of protecting the racial purity of His people. 
 “I am the Lord your God which have separated you from other people” Lev. 20:24. 
 “Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude” Neh. 13:3. 
God was against multicultural diversity; Jews promote it. 
Therefore, by jewish logic, God is the first racist who must be condemned and His Laws of racial integrity must be reversed, becoming anti-racist, a code word for anti-White. 

 It is utterly astounding how Jews have managed to apply racism to only one race of people, us.

We have our own shepherds to blame for the jewish subversion. 

As early as 1920, Henry Ford was publishing his monumental investigation called ‘The International Jew’ exposing their penetration into the church.

Download ‘The International Jew’ HERE

In the chapter dealing with ‘The Churches and Jewry’ Ford stated, 
“The last place the uninstructed observer would look for traces of Jewish influence is in the Christian Church, yet if he fails to look there he will miss much." 
If the libraries of our theological seminaries were equipped with complete files of Jewish literary effort during recent decades, and if the theological students were required to read these Jewish utterances there would be less silly talk and fewer "easy marks" for Jewish propaganda in the American pulpit. 

For the next 25 years every theological seminary should support a chair for the study of Modern Jewish influence and the Protocols. 

The fiction, that the Jews are an Old Testament people faithful to the Mosaic Law, would then be exploded, and timid Christians would no longer superstitiously hesitate to speak the truth about them because of that sadly misinterpreted text: I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee.
“There is a mission for the pulpit to liberate the Church from what the New Testament Scriptures call "the fear of the Jews." 
The pulpit has also the mission of liberating the Church from the error that Judah and Israel are synonymous.

The reading of the Scriptures which confuse the tribe of Judah with Israel, and which interpret every mention of Israel as signifying the Jews, is at the root of more than one-half the confusion and division traceable in Christian doctrinal statements.

“The Jews are NOT "The Chosen People," though practically the entire Church has succumbed to the propaganda which declares them to be so.

“It is perfectly in keeping with the Jewish World Program that this destructive influence should be sent out under Jewish auspices, and it is perfectly in keeping with non-Jewish trustfulness to accept the thing without looking at its source.

The Church is now victim of a second attack against her, in the rampant Socialism and Sovietism that have been thrust upon her in the name of flabby and unmoral theories of "brotherhood" and in an appeal to her "fairness."

“Jews have actually invaded, in person and in program, hundreds of American churches, with their subversive and impossible social ideals, and at last became so cocksure of their domination of the situation that they were met with the inevitable check.

“Clergymen ought to know that seven-eighths of the economic mush they speak from the pulpit is prepared by Jewish professors of political economy and revolutionary leaders . . .

“The Jew has got hold of the Church in doctrine, in liberalism, so-called, and in the feverish and feeble sociological diversions of many classes.

If there is any place where a straight study of the Jewish Question should be made it is in the modern Church which is unconsciously giving allegiance to a mass of Jewish propaganda. 

It is not reaction that is counseled here; it is progress along constructive paths, the paths of our forefathers, the Anglo-Saxons, who have to this day been the World-Builders, the Makers of cities and commerce and continents; and not the Jews who have never been builders or pioneers, who have never peopled the wilderness, but who move in upon the labors of other men. 

They are not to be blamed for not being Builders or Pioneers, perhaps; they are to be blamed for claiming all the rights of pioneers; but even then, perhaps, their blame ought not to be so great as the blame that rests upon the sons of the Anglo-Saxons for rejecting the straightforward Building of their fathers, and taking up with the doubtful ideas of Judah.”

No doubt this last statement of “Judah” is said sarcastically, referring to the masquerade, which all of jewry is gambling on for world domination and power.

Billy Graham - there's a demon
in there somewhere.
Now Billy Graham and other religious prostitutes on the Jewish payroll will say the Bible doesn’t say anything against interracial marriages, even though it most certainly does.

But, I’m sure the rabbis are gleefully rubbing their fingers when they instruct their Feinsteins and Bloombergs to legislate more and more laws favourable to race mixing.

I’m also sure the rabbis are quite familiar with today’s Scripture reading, about the doctrine of Balaam. 
What is this doctrine that you never hear about in the judeo churches?

Although there are allusions to it as an error as Cain mated with pre-Adamites (Jude 2:11 i.e. “a straying from orthodoxy” – Strong’s) and the teachings of a false prophet who brings damnable heresies (II Peter 2:1, 15), the specific import of the doctrine of Balaam has been twisted to remove the racial intent.
If we can rely upon one of the most respected historians of ancient times (and there’s no reason not to), Josephus fills in the gap where the Bible is lacking. In his account of the prophet Balaam advising Balak, the ruler of the Moabites, that he must do the following in order to destroy the Israelites: 
“If you . . .  gain a victory over them [the Israelites] . . .  Set out the handsomest . . .  of your daughters . . .  then . . . send them to be near the Israelites . . .  and when they are enamored of them . . . persuade them to leave off their obedience to their own laws and the word of that God who established them . . .  for by this means God will be angry at them” – 
Antiquities 4:6:6-13. 
 We must clearly understand the point here.

Racial aliens, unable to destroy 
the Israelites openly, 
tried to make them violate God’s 
Law against miscegenation. 

The proof that destruction is certain is that 
Isaac’s sons, the Saxons, have been destroyed 
in every country where race mixing has occurred

And it almost always happens because of a religious rationalisation for the proximity of alien races to Israelites. The thinking goes: oh well, as long as they’re here, we might as well be nice to them; and the next thing you know is that your daughter is knocked up and you have hybrid grandchildren.

But, as far as proximity goes, the Word of God says,
“They shall not dwell in thy land’ (Ex. 23:33). 
Once they are here, the curse of divine judgement is in thy land; just as we have it today. There are no blessings from multicultural diversity and amalgamation any more than the tower of Babel. 

I would venture to guess that the doctrine of Balaam has infiltrated 90% of the churches if not more, because of the tainted Masoretic text translated by antichrist Jews.

What was the stumbling block cast before the children of Israel?  It was to commit fornication.

That’s what we read in Rev. 2:14. Strong’s Concordance and most Bible dictionaries have poor to misleading translations of the Greek word ‘porneia’ (#4202) as simply ‘fornication’, which can inadvertently lead our people to the sin of race mixing.

This can be proven with the exchange Jesus had with the mongrel Edomite jews in John 8:41,
“We be not born of fornication; we have one father, God.” 
Our first impression is that this is a misuse of the word ‘fornication’ as simply sexual intercourse. However, as Jesus explains further on, it’s a difference in genetic background.
“Jesus said unto them [Jews], if God were your father, you would love Me” John 8:v.42. 
A better word than fornication would have been whoredom, and an allusion to Deut. 23:2,
“A bastard [i.e. a mongrel, half breed; not an illegitimate child out of wedlock] shall not enter the congregation”; 
the NIV says,
“No one born of a forbidden marriage . . . ”
Who were the Israelites forbidden to marry? It would be people like the Ammonites or Moabites mentioned in verse 3 who were mongrels.

Why do modern Bible dictionaries exclude any reference to half-breeds, mongrels or miscegenation? Obviously, it is to obscure the sin of marrying those races whom God had forbidden the Israelites to marry.

Christ goes on to accuse these Jews of having both Abraham and diabolos as their father.
The jews were a mixed race people who could not identify with the truth of God, they were natural born liars.
Remember that, when discerning the spirit, if someone is of God.

Adultery was not always an illicit affair among married people within their own kind in the Old Testament, but it could also be race mixing.

In the New Testament it is distinguished often from the word fornication. Race mixing was always closely associated with pagan religions. The confusion comes by disassociating these pagan idolatries from pagan races. They were inextricably bound together in ancient times.
You didn’t race mix, because the alien gods came with the territory. Both were sin.


  1. One thing that always puzzled me is that a Horse and a Donkey can mate to produce a Mule but a Mule is totally infertile so therefore cannot reproduce. I used to wonder why the Creator didn't apply the same rule to 'his people' mating with Niggers (lower life form). But after reading this and many other articles it is clear to me that the Creator expected us to abide by his rules or suffer the consequences.

  2. Thanks Mr. Hardon.