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Friday, 3 January 2014

The Jew and the HIV/AIDS Virus: A Comparison

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2014


The HIV virus attacks the human body in a slow and subtle manner from the inside out, just as the Jew has crumbled civilizations from within.

While pondering the future of our movement, I have felt the need to give a reminder to our awake adherents as to the nature of our Struggle. This shall be a vehement attack on the nature and character of the Jew, and thus will not hold back what needs to be said. When addressing this topic, one must take a page from the Fuhrer and declare that, 

“Half measures and the dodging of the Truth will lead to nothing but contempt from the people at large.”
Our very future as a race is at stake, and the price of ignoring our greatest threat can only lead to our final extinction. Absorb these words my brothers and sisters, and remember that absolute victory is our only real option.

Adolf Hitler understood the nature of the Jew as a disease/parasite 
infecting the body of the Aryan race.

HIV as the Silent Destroyer

One of the most horrifying and yet darkly fascinating traits of HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is that it is entirely unique among its miniscule brethren in that it does not prove fatal to its host on its own, but instead infiltrates the human body silently and stealthily and destroys the victim’s ability to defend itself.

The human immune system can be likened to the body’s standing professional army, ready to join battle to all invaders that wish to do harm. HIV impedes this function by exclusively wreaking havoc on the cells that compose the above mentioned defense force, until the end result is a host that cannot fight back against even the most simple and mild bacilli. Death inevitably results from such common occurrences such as Pneumonia, strep throat, or mild infections within a cut/scrape.

Contrary to most other viruses, HIV usually does not manifest noticeable symptoms within its host until it is often too late to mount an effective counterstrike. Instead, the infected body goes along its merry way while the pathogen replicates exponentially, crushing all resistance standing before it while remaining invisible to all but the most careful and sensitive methods. This my Comrades, is the exact definition of world Jewry and of its nefarious designs! Just as the AIDS virus is the personification of infiltration and silent destruction in the microcosm, so is the Jew within the macrocosm.

Through its subversive biological nature, the Jew has infected 
and strangled every civilization it has intruded upon. 
We cannot be the next to fall!

The Jew and the Infection of Societies

What has been narrated above is a simple description of how the HIV/AIDS virus slowly but viciously degrades the integrity of the human body to a point where it can no longer continue living. This, my fellow fighters in the Struggle, is how the Jew has made an impact on the past and present cultures of whatever people he has decided to reside within.

Let me elaborate on the consequences of admitting Jews within a prospering Aryan/European homeland. The host nation almost never notices the initial intrusion of the Jew into his living space, and if it does, usually treats it as something to be ignored and overlooked. This shall prove to be the greatest folly, as the replication of the humanoid virus begins in earnest within the host. The Jews begin to gain in wealth, power, and influence at the expense of the native peoples, and introduce the degenerate societal rot that ends in disaster for any infected. They encourage corruption within the ruling classes, disdain the practice of honest living and traditional spiritual values, artificially manipulate the financial structures of their adopted nations, and preach the “brotherhood of all men” along with “human dignity for all” no matter how racially bastardized, feeble-minded or genetically inferior.

We have now reached a point where the Jew holds sway over its host, controlling the press, education, culture, and finance. They connive to make the people forget and/or insult their ancestors, brainwash them to show contempt for virtue and morality, pump the nation full of third world immigrant scum, and reduce them to mere materialistic lemmings (the “last men“ according to Nietzsche), living for the next moment of hedonistic decadence.

The final state of the infected national organism is thus reached, which is akin to the human body once the HIV virus has crushed its immune system.

At this level, disaster cannot be avoided for all those caught in the grasp of this plague. “Illnesses” which are otherwise extremely rare now rise to prominence within the collective racial soul, just as the advanced AIDS patient often contracts cancers and disorders that cannot emerge within a healthy individual. Public displays of homosexual activities, rampant mating between uncivilized barbarian savages and those of pure Aryan blood, commonplace displays of treason and sedition, and degenerate expressions of “religious belief” to name a few. By now, extinction of the above civilization via foreign invasion by savage hordes and/or internal disintegration is inevitable, perhaps even welcomed. The Jew then moves on in search of a new host to replicate within and infect, beginning the cycle all over again. This shall continue until the last vestiges of the Aryan race crumble into dust, and the world is inhabited by only Jews and their crude third world hominid slaves.

Silent ruins of a great civilization extinguished by the Jew infection. 
This will be our fate as well if we do not expel them from our nations.

The Future is in Our Hands

This article merely summarizes and elaborates on things many of us already understand to at least some degree. However, I cannot emphasize enough that unless we rid our societies of the Jewish plague that the only thing we can look forward to is the death of our race and all that we hold dear in our hearts and minds. We currently live in what I would classify as an advanced state of infection, but I absolutely believe that we can still reverse the decline before it becomes terminal. Like the HIV virus, I feel as if the Jews are only functioning as they are biologically designed, and that reforming or assimilating them will be a futile gesture. Only be expelling the Jews to a place where they can no longer harm our civilization (an isolated and easily guarded island perhaps), will we be able to rebuild and shape the course of things in a National Socialist light.

The world is waking up people, and we live in a decisive period in our history! Many of us will be alive to witness the liberation of our race from the necrosis orchestrated by international Jewry. We must all stay alert and sharp to prepare for this triumph. Do not lose heart in even the most desperate and depressing situations, for the day of our victory is almost within sight!

At present, there is no effective cure for the HIV/AIDS virus. We however, 
have discovered a cure for the Jewish virus. The swastika, symbol of our Struggle!

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