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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Inherent Greed of the Jewish Race – Yids Try to Profiteer from their own Destruction

Jews will never pass up an opportunity to make shekels. Even if it will lead to the total extermination of the parasite Kike. Even though National Socialism and the Hitler model will bring an end to International Jewry, Jews cannot stop themselves when it comes to gaining monetarily from sales of literature that condemns the vile Jewish race and offers a solution to the Jewish Problem. The legendary book ‘Mein Kampf’ by the freedom fighter Adolf Hitler is a masterpiece without comparison. If people are going to purchase it, Hebrew vermin will make sure they get a cut. Jews are split in trying to maximize sales, while at the same time trying to scare off buyers and letting the non-Jew ”goyim” cattle slaves know, that they are being surveilled and monitored. Jeff Bezos is a confirmed Jew:

Source: – The E-book Mein kampf bestseller on Amazon and iTunes – Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf tops sales charts in Europe

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