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Saturday, 18 January 2014


NY Times: A First Lady at 50, Finding Her Own Path


In many ways she is the embodiment of the contemporary, urban, well-heeled middle-aged American woman. Except she is also Michelle Obama.


The nauseating, anti-White, vacation obsessed, dim-witted, shopaholic, Marxist 'Negress with an attitude' just turned 50 on Friday, January 17th. The week long media build up for this great event included a CNN special! What has this vile creature actually done to deserve such a 'prestigious' recognition as a front page NY Times love letter?

The Jew-authored article gushes: 

"She has perfected a mean forehand, is working on her yoga poses, dishes with girlfriends over brussels sprouts and dirty martinis (one olive) at the Mediterranean hotspot Zaytinya, pushes her two daughters to play two sports — one of her choosing and one of theirs — and said this week that the wonders of modern dermatology, like Botox, are in the realm of possibility for her."
What vomit inducing filth!

Let us review the stellar accomplishments of our nation's First Beast:

  • Admitted to Princeton and then Harvard Law as an Affirmative Action quota admission. As a student she complained about white privilege and the humiliating rigor of the Socratic Method of teaching (which requires the student to actually think and defend a position)
  • For reasons unknown, barred from practicing law in Illinois

  • As the wife of an equally worthless US Senator, was handed a $300,000 a year job as a 'Diversity Consultant"
  • Openly stated that she was never proud of her country until Obongo won the Iowa primary
  • Engaged in angry race baiting until advisers changed her image
  • Publicly mocked America and belief in the American dream
  • Seen on camera mocking a Marine ceremony, murmuring into her husband's ear, "All this for a damn flag?"
  • Abuses Air Force 1 privileges; flies around the world like an out-of-control rock star
  • Has thrown 100's of lavish White House parties, often attended by degenerate rap stars and other recording stars
  • Imposed a starvation lunch diet on American school children while she wolfs down chicken and biscuits

  • Moochelle Obongo is even more odious than her homosexual Communist husband. 
    Could this Times puff piece be a signal that the First Beast is being groomed for a future Senate run, and one day President? Could it be that aspiring Illinois Senate candidate Jesse Jackson Jr. was imprisoned by the Feds in order to clear a path for Moochele? Are we potentially looking at eight years of Commie-Lesbo Hildebeast, followed by eight more of angry Moochele?

    Don't laugh. In this diseased and dying Zionist cesspool once known as "the land of the free", anything is possible. Anything!

    Left: No class! First Beast Moochelle attends a children's show in skin tight jeans
    Right: Despite an image makeover, the angry scowl still comes through from time to time.
    Left: First Beast comes stomping off off of her $125,000 per hour Air Force 1 toy looking like a slob.
    Right: "All this for a damn flag?"

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