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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Anti-Defamation League and the Indoctrination of our Youth.

I’ve recently been occupying my spare time with careful study of the ADL’s “Anti-Bias Lesson Plans and Resources for K-12 Educators.” On the ADL’s website, it is said that these lesson plans, which target children in grades three through twelve, have been designed to help “educators” “integrate multicultural, anti-bias, and social justice themes into their curricula.”

In reality, it doesn’t take long for the informed individual reading through these lesson plans to conclude that they are little more than crude tools designed to strip White children of any sense of identity, rendering them little more than androgynous automatons — pliant prototypes of the ‘tolerant age,’ utterly devoid of race and gender.

There is a range of delicious fare on offer for those teachers with an appetite for ensuring that little boys and girls understand the concept of gender stereotyping,” and who believe that little Mikey should be actively encouraged to play with dolls and a stroller since, as one ADL anti-bias handbook puts it, “there really is no such thing as a girl’s toy or a boy’s toy.”

More interesting still are the numerous lesson plans on offer which claim to “address anti-Semitism,” bearing tag-lines boldly proclaiming that these educational gems will challenge anti-Semitism by “debunking the myths and responding with facts.”

It is to an example from the latter set of these lessons plans that I wish to devote some attention in the following article. In studying these plans, we may well come to learn something — though that “something” will be considerably different from that envisaged by our erstwhile tutors.

I have long been amused, and also more than a little annoyed, by the claims of Jewish activists and historians that anti-Jewish attitudes are so utterly baseless and entirely irrational that they can be explained away with a short list of rebuttals and “facts.” In this reading of Jewish history and the Jewish present, the problem of anti-Jewish feeling is simply one of “myths” and all that is required to combat anti-Jewish feeling is enough “education” to overcome these ‘blatant falsehoods.’

However, underlying this simplistic and deeply problematic reading of the relations Jews and the peoples that have lived among over the centuries is a rather more sinister undercurrent. The offending “stereotypes” or “canards” themselves are viewed as being on a par with a highly infectious disease — with inoculation, in the form of aggressive “educational” treatment, at an early age seen as the surest remedy for the ills of an “intolerant society.”

That this process of ‘inoculation’ is geared primarily against our children is an open secret at best. Although the idea that anti-Jewish attitudes are a form of disease with roots in childhood goes back to Freud,[1] it remains current in mainstream Jewish academic and political circles. Take, for example, the closing remarks from Abraham Foxman’s unintentionally hilarious Jews and Money: The Story of a Stereotype, where parents and teachers are urged to “try to help the next generation grow up freer from the infection of intolerance.”[2] The goal being, as Mr. Foxman so recently articulated, to “make America as user-friendly to Jews as possible.”

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  1. Did the ADL include the Jews who, with their government's backing, firebombed the black African immigrants?