The 14 Words

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ten men, Five Dachshunds

By Bruno Beger
“So that’s what we want you to do. You can have a couple hundred men, whatever you need, but break up that damn Communist meeting, and do a good job. Break heads, if you need to, but I want them routed out of the hall in a way they won’t soon forget! I’ve had it up to here with their bragging and boasting. Filthy traitors!” 
the stocky, brown shirted man paused, then continued. 
“And, look, Beger, I don’t care if you are a medical student. This is the SA, not one of your collegiate duelling and debating societies. You don’t stop and patch up those swine, like that last time, understood?”
The young Sturmführer tried to keep the distaste he felt for this assignment from showing. Will I never hear the end of that? He wondered impatiently. Damn! I’m as good a National Socialist as any of them. That doesn’t mean I have to let a man bleed to death! And, he rationalized, if I had let him die, it would have been another nasty headline about us. No matter that the Communists had no compunction about murdering us, but let one of them die, and the whole damn press is on us like a hive of wasps.

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  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. That's how to spend a boring Saturday morning for sure. Bruno is like all of us, lowly, put upon, and sometimes ready to throw in the black and gold. Then from nowhere, it all comes right. Devine justice for the righeous ancient Aryan.