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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Swedism: 80,000 Sexual Crimes, 87,100 Reported Violent Assaults per Year

We tried to warn you.

If 17,000 sexual offenses are reported, and the police estimate that only 23% are reported, the actual number of sexual offences is around 80,000:
According to the National Crime Prevention Council (National Council) only about 23 percent of sex crimes in Sweden are reported to the police. Last year police reported over 6,000 rapes and almost 17,000 sexual offenses.
Source: Skanskan
If 87,100 violent assaults are reported, the actual number must be much higher:
“In 2012, about 87 100 assaults were reported in Sweden. The number of reports has increased over a ten year period.”
Source: BRA (Swedish National Statistics)

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