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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Slavery By Consent

One of the main vehicles of the conspiracy is the global statist unlawful legal system. The legal system which allows all governments to steal from their populations and call it taxes. The legal system which locks people in metal cages for owning outlawed herbs. The following documentary "Slavery By Consent" shows how governments around the world have long tricked people into literally consenting to their own enslavement through loopholes and legalese. The Freeman/Sovereignty Movement is working to help empower people in court by teaching how to establish standing and jurisdiction, how to reclaim your sovereignty, and ultimately how to close down the court by refusing to play their game.


  1. John, the Freeman movement has made great inroads into the unlawful system we are slaves to. I have learned much from people like Dean Clifford & Robert Maynard among others. However this whole system is based on the Bible... in that our 'rulers' know the Bible to be true even though they worship lucifer/satan and not the true God. They pretend to support God's laws.
    The Bible was messed around with by 'translators' including King James I (KJV) to legitimize his (ungodly) rulership, but they can never remove the basic truths of the Bible without giving their game plan away. (Even Elizabeth II swore on oath to uphold God's LAW which she has never done preferring to allie herself with the black nobility families.)
    Us 'unwashed blind masses' accept the media and education model that the Bible is a lie and in doing so we lose all of our power.
    The problem with the present Freeman movement is that they are trying to bring down a system using the same tactics of that same system and that can never work, one evil to defeat another defies logic. They write the rules and change them at will...
    You go into 'court' and ask a judge if he has authority to annul the laws of God (call it common law if you will) or add to the laws of God (forbidden in the Bible) and you have taken all power away from the judge. You are following God's law nothing made by man.
    We worship the system by taking part in it (Person/license etc) we are called to "Come out of babylon".
    Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is of God, in fact we have no allegiance to Caesar/the system if we follow God's law!

    This is a good link to what I am trying to explain:

  2. Perhaps this link explains better?
    No Need for licence