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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sick Jewess Sarah Silverman Hosts ‘Night of a Thousand Vaginas!’ To Fund Abortion

Sarah Silverman, a moral authority in Jew-run America.

The modest efforts of Texas lawmakers to restrict access to abortion has driven the Jews and their liberal allies into a rage. In response, Jew comedian Sarah Silverman has organized a fund-raiser for pro-abortion activism is Texas. The event is being billed as the “Night of a Thousand Vaginas!”, and is sure to feature no shortage of filthy Jewish humor.

The Jews who run America are so fixated on making abortion easily accessible because abortion is essential to their effort to destroy the traditional White family.

A chaste, responsible White mother with her children. Scenes like this deeply 
offend the Jews…

…but this is something worth fighting for.

Although the pro-abortion crowd will argue for their position by bringing up pregnancies caused by rape or incest, none of them actually want to restrict abortion to just these cases. Their goal is to make abortion available upon demand in any situation in order to enable the promiscuous “hook-up” culture of today.

The pro-abortion position boils down to this: it is okay to murder your child in order to continue sleeping around without consequence. This attitude is the ultimate expression of decadence and selfishness. Personal pleasure outweighs all responsibility, even the most fundamental responsibility in all of nature, the responsibility that a mother has to care for her child.

If abortion were made unavailable, this would help to debunk the myth that there is such a thing as sex with “no strings attached”. Although much more work would need to be done to rebuild the traditional family, changing our thinking about abortion would be a major step in this direction, and therefore a threat to Jewish power.

Honor White Christian motherhood by rejecting abortion.

Chastity is the foundation of the family, and the family is the foundation of the race. The White race cannot survive without the traditional family, and the traditional family cannot survive unless we defeat the perverted Jewish culture of infantile, self-centered pleasure seeking.

What we’re fighting for.

Jewess Sarah Silverman, 'I'd kill Christ again':

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  1. What a pity the Holo-Hoax wasn't real. Six Million of this tribe of pure filth gone. One can dream I suppose.
    Cassie O'Riley.