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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager and Andrew Anglin on the Events of 2013 and the Future of Our Movement

Andrew Anglin, with his friends in Greece.

Carolyn welcomes web publisher “Andre” to share his thoughts and answer questions about his amazing progress in 2013, and what he sees for 2014. Some highlights:
  • The Daily Stormer ranks among the top 60,000 websites in the world for traffic, which is a considerable feat after only 6 months online;
  • Integrity and honesty among White leadership is a priority issue that is too often ignored because of “taking sides” ;
  • Aryan is a racial term, along with being a description of character traits, and means nothing if separated from race;
  • Problems in society are traced back to the promotion of promiscuous sexuality which began in the 1920′s after the mass influx of Eastern Jewry into Europe and America;
  • Restoring society from it’s current degeneracy hinges on restoring traditional sexual and marriage roles and customs;
  • Male-Female relations among some pro White people are in serious need of improvement.


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