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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Revolution: An Instruction Manual for the Sheeple?... LOL!

A comment from a 'Bill Duke,' below, left at this video. Pretty well sums up the apathetic American people, too fat, too lazy and too stupid to do anything about their enslavement. In fact, most actually like being slaves, as long as they can gorge on junk food, watch FOX News and keep up on the latest from Hollywood and shop till they drop at Wal Mart.
An excellent video that contains techniques that would work for a normal populace. American citizens do not constitute a normal populace. They are the most entranced, influenced, de-educated, propagandized, distracted, in debt, consumerized, selfish, indoctrinated, lethargic and mis-informed populace in the history of mankind. Can anyone disagree? Does ANYONE out there actually envision a revolution of any kind sweeping America?
Forty Percent Of Workers Made Less Than $20,000 Last Year

Postcard from the End of America: Marcus Hook

Americans, or many of them, are such exhibitionists that they do not mind being spied upon or recorded.

"Hey, tough guy, check out these police brutality videos before you oil your M-16"

Wal Mart shoppers craziness:

And these are the people that are going to take back the government?


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