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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Racialism - Bourgeois Patriotism. Identical or opposing concepts?

In Europe today we hear many political and intellectual puppet masters identifying as patriots, and that no one is more patriotic than themselves. We have patriotic Socialists, Neodemocrats, patriotic communists, patriotic journalists, even patriotic foreigners.

But what is patriotism?

Patris means "land of the fathers". So patriotism means love towards the land of the fathers. Of course, the above "patriots" can't meet the requirements of this title either for ideological reasons (internationalists of every kind) or biological ones (foreigners). It is a fact though, that in the bourgeois parliamentary political culture, patriotism is simply the logic of a citizen supporting his current government.

In this modern meaning the primary function of the word -the mental connection with the past of the community and the spiritual connection with our compatriots- has completely eclipsed but the secondary function -the logic of supporting the State- that derives from the primary function became totally dominant. Which is to say that objectivity has vanished and subjectivity is being advertised as objectivity. A characteristic detail of degenerate societies is the corruption of words and values, even of the most important ones.

This bourgeois logic is a sterile logic that only the brainless masses can embrace because its basic requirement is the absence of critical thought, blind submission to whatever "national" interest the ruling class decides, in our case it's Zionism and Capitalism.

This logic can in no way have a racial background, but in fact was and is against all forms of racial unity and cooperation. This patriotism is completely "applicable" in capitalism and uses it as a first-line weapon for completion of its processes. So that's how we see Frenchmen singing with ecstasy their National Anthem on behalf of the negro "national" football team, Greeks cheering and applauding Negroes that march holding the Greek flag and Germans celebrating the Beer Festival with all kinds of Germanofied Turks.

All of the above (indigenous or foreigners) are patriots and proud. They are proud for the football cup they won, the expensive cars they bought, their beers and industry, proud for their cuisine and beautiful beaches.

Of course, this modern version of patriotism isn't a result of parthenogenesis. It's a noble child of the ZOG and the "honorable" bourgeois state, of a civilization that stemmed from the Illumination period and its lodges, from the brutality of the industrial revolution.

Its the reason Europe today is about to be extinct and supports brutal mechanisms all over the Earth. But the modern, anti-racist version of  "patriotism" is also the best answer towards the sworn anti-racists that claim that racial-national pride is the source of all violence and wars. That is because slaughters and wars come from patriotic-religious chauvinism and they will not cease to exist even if the racial makeup of the European nations is completely altered. For us racialism means respect towards the natural order, cosmic harmony.

Here in Greece, it makes more sense for a liberal or a member of SYRIZA to feel patriotic, rather than a nationalist. Because today the State kills the Nation. Because this State and this society are not ours, they are foreign and we hate them. A revolutionary doesn't only want to change the course of the State, he wants to reform society.

So today the nationalist must have as his goals the destruction of the State and the radical reformation of society. The nationalist today must be a racialist and even an "internationalist" with the sense of standing in solidarity with people of other races that fight the monsters of Globalism and Zionism. But he must never be a "patriot".

Serbian Nationalists (Serbian Action) standing in solidarity with Golden Dawn.
The poster reads: Golden Dawn against the Globalist Terror

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