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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Race Mixing = White Genocide. Hey White Women WAKE UP

White Toddler walks one mile for help after mother is murdered by her black boyfriend

Truly sickening images

A Toddler walks one mile for help after mother is allegedly killed by her boyfriend. A three year old walked one mile by herself to the safety of her grandmother’s house after her mother was allegedly killed by a violent ex-con boyfriend.

From UK Mail Online

A three-year-old girl walked more than a mile down a busy Florida road to her grandmother’s house to get help after her father allegedly killed her mother, officials said tonight.
Sgt. Kristin Thompson of Lake Bay County Sheriff Department described the actions of the tragic toddler as ‘kind of heroic’ and praised the little girl for managing to cover such a distance to raise help.
The sheriff’s department named Johnny Lashawn Shipman, 36, as the suspect and issued a warrant for his arrest in the death of Kristi Lynne Delaney, 26, of Mascotte, 40 miles west of Orlando.
The little girl knew the route to her grandmother’s house because she had walked it with her mother, Thompson said.
When she arrived, she told her grandmother that her ‘mommy was sick’.

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