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Friday, 10 January 2014

Pseudo-Con Jew-Tool Glenn Beck Slams Russian ‘Hetero-Fascism’

Glenn Beck, proud ally of the fag community.

“Conservative” commentator Glenn Beck has recently come out against Russia’s mild restrictions on pro-sodomy propaganda, claiming that Russians are guilty of “hetero-fascism”. Beck has even gone so far as to say that he will ally with pro-sodomy organizations like GLAAD against the Russian people.

This is not the first time that Beck has shown himself to be a friend of homosexual perverts. Back in 2010 Beck claimed that fag “marriage” is not a threat to America, and absurdly defended his position by pointing to Thomas Jefferson’s statement 

“If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?”. 
Beck of course fails to mention that Jefferson, like all of the Founding Fathers, was vehemently opposed to homosexuality. Jefferson himself proposed that castration be the punishment for sodomy.

Typical scene from a “gay pride” parade. Only a fascist would want 
to prevent his children from seeing this.

This situation highlights the total phoniness of mainstream conservatism. Ordinary American conservatives have always been opposed to homosexuality, and conservative leaders have tried to exploit this opposition by making vague and completely empty promises to defend traditional Americansim. But once a society starts to actually do something to combat homosexual perversion, suddenly this is “fascism”.

In a sense, we cannot disagree with this definition: Fascism is the successful implementation of traditional principles, while conservatism is complaining about the loss of tradition but not actually doing anything about it.

If Russia’s current approach to homosexuality is fascism, then we boldly say that more fascism is what we need.


  1. More Fascism, more National Socialism, I'm sort of 50/50 if I'm honest. Anything that keeps my folk safe, anything at all.

    No Jews For Europe.

    1. National Socialism is not Fascism, the one thing that Andrew Anglin has got wrong in my opinion is that he doesn't appear to recognise the difference.


  2. As if straight men and women don't engage in anal sex.