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Monday, 27 January 2014

Paid apprenticeships being advertised in Romania

A £1.5 billion government scheme to get young Britons back into work is being advertised to Romanians considering coming to Britain

Romanians coming to Britain without a job are being offered apprenticeships under a government scheme designed to get unemployed young Britons into a job.

Agencies in Romania are targeting would be migrants wishing to take advantage of recent lifting of the immigration controls and advertising the apprenticeships which pay up to £1000 and on the job training.

One Romanian job agency is offering apprenticeships, which are subsidised by the UK Government, at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants and Chelsea football club.

According to The Sunday Times the Extern job agency in the Romanian town of Cluj is offering a range of apprenticeships paying between £650 and £1000 a month.

European freedom of movement laws mean the UK is powerless [bollocks] to stop EU migrants taking up coveted apprenticeship spots ahead of British people who are also looking for work.

The Extern agency claimed it was in the process of placing 50 Romanians on the £1.5 billion apprenticeship scheme which was described by David Cameron on it’s launch as a key part of the Government’s plan to “deal with the scourge of youth unemployment.”

He added at the time that Britain must challenge European workers by making young people more willing and able to compete with migrants. [So he allows migrants to take advantage of the scheme, yeah that makes sense you fucking idiot Cameron]

The government has admitted that it does not know how many non-British nationals have taken up taxpayer-funded apprenticeships because it does not record their nationality.

An advert placed by Extern on Tjobs, a Romanian employment website. says that accommodation will be provided [while a lot of young Brits are homeless] for successful applicants for the apprenticeships adding that they will be picked up from Luton or Heathrow airports.

The advert emphasises how UK taxes will not be paid on earnings below £10,000 from this year, The Sunday Times reports.

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