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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Our Miscegenation Problem


A brief history of race-mixing

I will pose a question: what if racism is not natural? I am not referring to the understanding of race or of natural racial difference, but of the proclivity of the general white population to mate with members of a competing racial group when the two are exposed to each other.

Until the latter half of the twentieth century, racial mixture in Western Europe was a rare occurrence. Due to the low frequency of non-Europeans existing among the indigenous people of Europe, extensive race-mixing was physically impossible unless, of course, intrepid individuals were keen to travel abroad to regions of the Earth populated by non-white races. Geography was the de facto variable in deciding the shortage of genetic inter-mixture during this particular chapter in our recent history. But how are we to interpret pandemic miscegenation throughout antiquity and in every corner of the world when geographical barriers; such as vast distance, large bodies of water, and impassable mountain ranges, were not significant obstacles? Why, for example, does South America now possess an extremely high mixed-race populous following the conquest of that continent by Europeans who were not subjected to race-mixing propaganda as modern Western civilisation has been since the second world war? Could it be that although race is clearly not a ‘social construct’, racism is?

In terms of contemporary race-mixing, annexed to the physical aspects as mentioned above (the phenomena of an ever shrinking planet), is the widespread and, it is becoming increasingly apparent, conspiratorial government policy of encouraging large-scale nonwhite immigration into formally white nations. This strategy of ethnic cleansing is given plausibility by paper-thin arguments pertaining to the uniformity of all Homo sapiens, and are brutally enforced by accusations of heresy, e.g., racism, if debate and evidence strays off the well beaten ideological track. The triumviral features in modern miscegenation trends are prodigious innovations in intercontinental transport networks, unswerving guidelines on mass immigration, and liberal egalitarian tenets, the latter two being very closely related. Dwelling on immigration trends and anti-White Race dogma for a moment, the following 1921 quotation from the father of US racial integration, Franz Boas, is very enlightening:

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