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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Obama Plans to Annex One-Third Of Iraq Using U.S. CIA al-Qaeda: To Launch Further Attacks Against Syria From Iraq Syrian Border.

Dangerous Times Ahead As Obama NWO Plans To Annex One-Third Of Iraq

Using CIA’s Shiite Al-Qaeda & Shiite Muslim Brotherhood To Control Iraq Syrian Border. Why? To Launch Further Terrorist Attacks Against Syria For Rothschild Banking Control.
The Muslim Brotherhood & CIA’s made up al-Qaeda [CIA_duh] group are both Shiite extremist political movements working for the NWO banking cabal to further their agenda of banking domination in the Middle East. Anbar province in Iraq is dominated by the Sunnis who are being wiped out by the U.S. supplied cover groups [Muslim Brotherhood & al-Qaeda] so as to control Anbar Iraq Syrian border for staging covert terrorist attacks against the Syrian government.

Of course you can find many places on the internet that labels the Brotherhood & al-Qaeda as sunni ideology, its just not so.

The Anbar province is already dominated by Sunnis, NWO’s best spin is that Terrorist Sunnis in Anbar want to annex Peaceful Sunnis in Anbar as one group controlling Syrian/Iraqi border. On the face it makes no sense.

Why would Anbar Sunnis Kill Anbar Sunnis to be on the Syrian border when they are already there? They wouldn’t.

The terrorists in Anbar are the NWO’s Islamic Political Headcutters of Sharia [Muslim Brotherhood & CIA's al-Qaeda] who are attempting to annex Anbar to NWO’s Sharia political group for border control.

This is just another example of establishing NWO Modus Operandi of “Fast & Furious” in the Middle East. They are using U.S. supplied military equipment and they want to be able to more easily infiltrate these “Assault Weapons” for the over throw of President Assad. Why? For NWO Bank Control.

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