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Sunday, 5 January 2014

National-Socialism the biological world-view

“What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland” (Adolf Hitler)

This is a modified version of a FAQ made by Milton Klein in 1995.

What is National-Socialism?

National-Socialism is the doctrine of the liberation of the Aryan race. It represents the most sound means of assuring the biological and cultural rejuvenation and progression of our race.

National-Socialism is the product of over a century of political and social thought cultivated in Germanic nations, popularized and first put into action by its foremost proponent, German Führer and Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

National-Socialism was at first a progressive political outlook adopted in several European nations, but evolved quickly into a pan-Aryan vision of racial rejuvenation and progress.

Why do you call yourselves “Aryan”?

Aryan is derived from the Indo-European root “aryo”, meaning noble. Arya has been used as a self-description of Indo-European Peoples from Ireland to India for millennia, and survives today in the country names Eire (Ireland) and Iran. Last century, Aryan was revived from the largely forgotten heritage of our ancestors, and has been used since by both scientists and laypersons as a synonym for White. Aryan was popularized by Adolf Hitler in his political autobiography, My Struggle (Mein Kampf). Aryan is the proper designation for the White peoples of Europe and their descendants across the globe.

Why do you use the Swastika?

The Swastika (from Sanskrit, “good fortune”) is an ancient symbol of the Aryan peoples representing primarily the positive powers of the Universe which generate and sustain life, and secondarily good will and good fortune toward the righteous.

The Swastika has been used for over four thousand years by Aryan and non-Aryan alike in Asia, Europe, and North America. Aryan racialists reclaimed use of the Swastika from pre- Christian European cultures as a bold emblem suited to represent the revival of our rich heritage.

Hitler wrote (Mein Kampf II:VII) that he saw in the swastika ”the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man” and for ”the victory of the idea of of creative work.”

What is “Blood and Soil?”

“Blood and Soil” refers to the relationship between people and homeland, and the link of the individual to the natural order. “Blood and Soil” represents reverence for the origin and miracles of life, the ideal of organic lifestyle, and the importance of truly creative work.

What is National-Socialist morality?

National-Socialists believe in the quest for excellence and constant improvement. National- Socialists believe the Aryan race must be the vanguard in the never-ending struggle to achieve humanity’s ultimate physical and spiritual potential. Therefore, we must always ask ourselves: ”is it good for our race?”

Why do you worship Hitler?

National-Socialists do not “worship” Adolf Hitler. National-Socialists do offer Hitler deserving veneration for his role in bringing our race a message of hope through his leadership of the German people, and as visionary of a new Europe and a new world.

National-Socialists recognize that while Hitler was an outstanding leader, he was human, capable of error. Hitler’s example, both through communication with us in Mein Kampf, and in the record of his deeds, serves to guide National-Socialists in their efforts to initiate Aryan renewal.

Why do you reject democracy?

National-Socialists embrace genuine democracy – but reject the Establishment’s false democracy, in which the illusion of a people’s government is bolstered by a controlled system of “choices” that all invariably lead to the same end.

Adolf Hitler presented a legitimate alternative to the German people in his day, and was freely supported by the vast majority of Germans throughout his reign. National-Socialists today believe that presented a genuine choice, without our opponents using misrepresentation, slander, and false promises, the majority of Whites would choose to live under a National-Socialist political system and social order.

National-Socialism does not endorse dictatorship; that is, a political apparatus that functions contrary to the will and best interests of the people. National-Socialism endorses the “leadership principle,” or the idea that a nation is best governed by those most capable of guiding his or her fellow citizens and providing for their common needs and wants.

Why don’t you believe in ”human rights”?

National-Socialists assert that in certain cases an individual’s freedom must be limited in order to protect the people and race.

We believe that a people’s right to survive and prosper is the most fundamental right.

The Aryan race has been denied self-determination through the actions of both internal and external forces, these forces operating out of hatred and/or self-interest to inhibit the social and economic health of White families worldwide, with the ultimate goal being the extinction of our kind through genocidal social, political, and economic programs.

National-Socialism’s foremost goal is the liberation of the Aryan race from these genocidal policies, and implementation of alternatives which will assure our peoples’ perpetual survival and continued positive evolution. Part of this goal is to liberate the mind and soul of Whites from the unjustified guilt complex instilled by the Establishment’s schools and perpetuated by mainstream media. This undeserved shame inhibits the lives of its victims, and must be replaced by love for one’s race and nation.

The concept of ”human rights”, as described by its proponents, is dubious. These rights are arbitrarily defined, and in reality, only selectively enforced. For example, freedom of speech is claimed to be a human right, but many Western states have laws restricting freedom of speech. ”Human rights” organizations such as Amnesty International do not object when historical revisionists are jailed for investigating aspects of World War II.

Why do you reject feminism? Why do you believe in patriarchy?

Nature intends for women and men to be complementary, not contradictory. While feminists arrogantly reject women’s uniqueness, attempting to “liberate” women from their womanhood, National-Socialists accept the differences between men and women as strengths. Due to these differences, political authority and war (which is the “continuation of politics by other means”) are masculine spheres.

Just who do you consider “White”?

National Socialists recognize individuals as biologically White if they are wholly of non- Jewish, non-Asiatic European ancestry, descendants of the indigenous peoples of the contemporary states of Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Britain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine. Many persons of Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Georgian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, and Spanish heritage also qualify as White, their ancestors being pioneers of Aryan communities in those lands.

Many myths about the criteria of being “Aryan” have been perpetuated by the mainstream media and Establishment academia. An Aryan is not necessarily blond, blue-eyed, and six feet tall; the blond Nordic is merely the most notable representative of the Aryan race because he or she differs most significantly from non-Aryans. National-Socialism did not and does not preach or practice hatred of non-Germanic Aryans, such as the French or Slavic nations. Adolf Hitler enjoyed the work and friendship of many aides and officers of German citizenship, but Polish family name and heritage. Hitler also facilitated the independence of the Slavic nations of Croatia and Slovakia. Unfortunately, centuries-old, myopic cultural antipathy between Slavic and Germanic nations did, and does manifest itself, occasionally resulting in misunderstanding and conflict, including the 1939 Polish- German War.

Why are you accused of being ”hateful”?

National-Socialists love their race above all, and wish to see it thrive and progress. National-Socialism is based on love of one’s own kind, not hatred.

However, many non-Whites living in White countries, in particular Jews, regularly engage in destructive activities, and sometimes directly harm individuals of our race. The effects of these hate-motivated activities provoke deep resentment and sometimes defensive hatred in White racialists. Hating those who threaten your community is only natural.

National-Socialists are fundamentally motivated by love of family, people and race. But the owners of the mainstream media routinely and deliberately misrepresent the ideas of White racialists, National-Socialists in particular, and present the highly misleading, inaccurate and exaggerated image of the “violent White-supremacist ‘neo-Nazi’ extremist”, resulting in  popularly-held myths about adherents of National-Socialism.

Why are you accused of murdering six million Jews?

Contrary to popular belief, no program of genocide against European Jewry existed during World War II. Unfortunate but understandable deaths resulted from Allied-inflicted acts of war which crippled the German economy and infrastructure, leading to virtual cut-off of supplies to the concentration and labor camps and the starvation or death by disease of tens of thousands of inmates. There simply was no deliberate program of genocide planned and implemented by the German government, nor is there evidence for the existence of gas chambers suitable for mass-murder at the camps alleged to be “extermination centers.”

A myth has been constructed by the enemies of our race from the spurious allegations and misrepresented facts regarding the Jewish situation during World War II, as a weapon of psychological and political extortion and manipulation.

The “Holocaust” is a ”historical fact” so flimsy it must be supported by force, legislation being enacted in over a dozen “democratic” countries, making it a criminal offense to express doubt in any aspect of its dogmatic “truth.”

It has been said that history is written by the victors.

To learn more about this subject, read this FAQ and then Germar Rudolf’s book Lectures on the Holocaust, which is available for free (direct link to PDF).

Aren’t you right-wing fascists?

National-Socialists reject the Establishment’s misleading left/right political spectrum, and are neither “rightist” nor “leftist,” favoring policies similar to those put forth by both “liberals” and “conservatives” on many issues. National-Socialism cannot be confined to a philosophical “pigeonhole” because our revolutionary vision transcends the false stereotypes inherent in the “traditional” political spectrum.

Fascism is properly the name of the political and social ideology espoused by Italian Duce and Premier Benito Mussolini. Fascism and National Socialism have many similarities, but are not synonymous. Fascists believe in the supremacy of the State, while National- Socialism believes the State is but an end to a means – the survival of the people and race – and never an end in itself.

Has science really proven there are no races?

Dishonest “scholarship” by the clique of politically-motivated social and bio-social scientists has resulted in a body of pseudo-science, its formulators deliberately omitting “undesirable” facts relating to the strengths and shortcomings of each unique human race.

This phony “science” is cited ceaselessly by media liars, hopelessly befuddled “intellectuals,” and the well-meaning but misled ordinary people. Equally-qualified and – educated scientists have challenged the false premises of the Establishment’s Lysenkoesque anthropology, and offer a dogma-free alternative which takes into account ignored facts.

National-Socialists promote the scientific enterprise, which is simply the discovery or understanding through free inquiry of the laws and processes of the natural order, and encourage use of scientific knowledge to improve society. Scientific research flourished in National-Socialist Germany, with advances occurring in medicine, psychology, environmental science, engineering, chemistry, and other fields, work by German scientists even leading directly to the success of America’s space program and Moon landings.

Shouldn’t we save the Earth first?

National-Socialists recognize that to survive, the Aryan race must have a healthy environment, free of the life-inhibiting poisons Capitalism has brought upon the world.

The National-Socialist German government promulgated numerous radical nature conservation programs, including the most progressive and comprehensive legislation to date, the 1935 Reichsnaturschutzgesetz.

National-Socialism today, in the tradition of strict reverence for the natural order and its life- giving elements, aims to curtail the everywhere pervasive Nature-destroying consumerism. To remedy the environmental disasters caused by the Capitalists’ mad quest for profit, National-Socialists advocate implementation of sustainable, organic agriculture, responsible methods of resource extraction and use, and reduction and eventual elimination of toxic substances in our nourishment and throughout the environment.

I am an American/Brit. Why should I support something my country died to destroy?
It is terribly painful to realize the American population was used by the Roosevelt regime and the shadow string-pullers behind that cabal, but the facts demonstrate that indeed the American people were deceived, abused, by traitors, to compel them to fight their brothers and sisters in Germany during World War II.

Are the American and British peoples happier today than before the war? Are American and British schools better, streets safer, cities more beautiful today than before the war?

Adolf Hitler sincerely sought alliance with the American and British peoples, as the record shows, but the criminal Roosevelt and Churchill regimes violently rebuffed his hand of friendship.

Why do Marxists accuse you of being tools of the wealthy and powerful?

National-Socialism is the diametric opposite of monopoly Capitalism. The enemies of our race have hated and feared National-Socialism since its inception, for the National-Socialist vision represents a viable alternative to the tyranny of money’s inequitable compensation for productive labor and its criminal usury-debt-based finance system.

National-Socialism is dynamic and progressive, fostering all types of creative work which contribute to the health, happiness, or safety of the race and nation, and mandates proper compensation in living wages, prestige, and social services for farmers, artisans, and laborers. A National-Socialist government will rigorously sanction with correction or expulsion parasitical elements which selfishly exploit the nation and refuse to contribute for the benefit of the entire community.

Is it right to legislate morality?

All governments legislate morality. That’s the purpose of legitimate government, to provide for the order, stability, and justice which guarantees citizens opportunity for happy, productive lives. The difference between a legitimate government and a dictatorship is not a matter of methods, but of motives in legislating and governing the nation. A legitimate government legislates morality which benefits the people’s livelihood and happiness. An illegitimate government legislates morality that serves special interests, most often a wealthy economic minority, usually leading to spiritual and social sickness for the nation.

What about Hitler’s gun control?

Misinformed individuals wrongly claim the German people were deprived of firearms during the Third Reich. While it is true the National-Socialist German government did enforce many firearms regulations, the laws which are mistakenly referred to as the ‘Nazi gun-grab’ were actually passed in 1928. The National-Socialists did not come to power untill 1933. The Hitler administration in fact moderated the more strict gun control regulations of the “democratic” Weimar Republic, easing many restrictions and absolishing some altogether. The National-Socialists encouraged ordinary German citizens to obtain firearms.

National-Socialists support the right to individual and collective self-defense, against both ordinary thugs and corrupt regimes that operate against the well-being of the nation. Therefore, National-Socialists support the right to possess, and use whenever necessary, effective firearms and proper ammunition, free of the unreasonable regulations and taxes intended to deprive the citizenry of self-defense weapons.

What does National-Socialism offer me?

National-Socialism means the opportunity of a happier, more fulfilling life for the ordinary working man and woman.

A National-Socialist government will work for you and your best interests, using your hard- earned tax dollars for the benefit of your people’s well-being, not for “foreign aid” parasites like, for example, Israel.

National-Socialism means that the worker’s productivity – his or her hard work – will work not for international bankers, millionaire Capitalist racketeers, and their politician-stooges, but to build a better today for ordinary families and an even brighter tomorrow for White children.

National-Socialists support:

1. opportunities for all to have a rewarding, productive career, suited to individual ability, talent, and needs.

2. affordable opportunities for all families to truly own a home or a food-and-fiber- producing homestead.

3. opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to establish or sustain productive businesses supporting their families and the national economy, free from the crippling taxes, usury-bondage, and corrupt anti-entrepreneur tactics of today’s monopoly Capitalist system.

4. health maintenance programs for all ages.

5. free, comprehensive medical services for all.

6. free, universal quality education, primary through university level, stressing excellence, practical knowledge, and love of wisdom.

7. enjoyable leisure and social activities for workers inside and outside the workplace, including family vacations, participant sports, and nature appreciation activities.

8. replacement of soul-destroying mindless “entertainment” and degenerate “art” with spiritually healthy music, literature and other forms of culture.

How do I learn more about National-Socialism? How can I help?

Collecting Third Reich memorabilia is a hobby, not activism. Discussing today’s problems while not working for the solution is whining, not activism. Painting swastikas and screaming racial slurs is juvenile stupidity, not activism.

Activism means commitment. Activism means you dedicate yourself to the cause of White survival, and work daily for its realization. Activism means you think, act, and look in a way that is appropriate for an Aryan. You must become a White advocate. “Thinking White” means constantly having thoughts constructive and beneficial for oneself and our race. “Acting White” means upholding honor in all you do, working for the best interests of our race, and never doing anything senselessly harmful to oneself or our race. “Looking White” means presenting oneself in a respectable manner at all times, with cleanliness and sobriety.

That means: no tattoos, no piercings, no odd haircuts or other indications of belonging to a trashy subculture. Never be intoxicated in any way, especially not in public. Be physically fit. All of this should go without saying. Subcultural hooligans are not National-Socialists, whatever they might imagine.

Whether you should be part of a political organization or not depends largely on which country you live in. In Northern Europe, the Nordic Resistance Movement is a great organization. In Greece, the Golden Dawn is a growing party inspired by National-Socialism. There are many dubious organizations and parties, so watch out.

The best thing you can do is to find a good, decent, intelligent White partner and build a family. Have many children and homeschool them if your laws allow it. Avoid living in large cities: they are poison to the soul. Don’t let your children watch TV or surf on the internet. Study Western – that is, White – history and culture together with your family. Learn how to defend yourself and your family. Learn survivalist skills.

These articles will help you understand National-Socialism. They were – except for the first one – written by Germans and for Germans, but should inspire all Whites.

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