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Friday, 17 January 2014

Married a Jew – Wants to Open Re-education Camps for Deprogramming Nationalists

Birgitta Ohlsson Klamberg (possible Jewess) with her husband Mark Klamberg (Jew). Birgitta is Sweden’s current EU-minister. Some say she is Jew, and judging by her looks, it is almost a visually established fact, but it has not been absolutely confirmed yet. We can substantiate for certain though, that she is a disgusting Jew-lover, rabid Zionist whore to the enemy Jews. She is known to advocate an absurd Jew-World-Order globalism and “rights” for sodomizing faggots and lesbo filth. – EU forms European re-education camps for “Nazis”:
Posted Wednesday, January 15, 2014
The EU is concerned about the rise of Nationalism across Europe. All EU countries should have programs to help “Nazis” and “extremists” to leave their radical movements. This is proposed by the commissioner Cecilia Malmström and the Swedish Minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Ohlsson Klamberg (married to a Jew) (possible Jew). Therefore, a new European center is to be built in Sweden that will lead so-called “Exit”-organizations across Europe, where “Nazis” can turn to “drop out”.
Tomorrow, Cecilia Malmström will present a series of proposals in the “fight against increased extremism and radicalism”. They are a result of the network RAN (Radicalisation Awareness Network) that Malmström started at the fall of 2011 and where 700 experts and professionals in eight different fields of work have gone through the situation.
The goal is to deprogram Nationalists and get them to leave their political movement.
Can you see the menorah in the background? Birgitta Ohlsson Klamberg truly is an ugly she-beast. When marrying the enemy, the evil infects her and manifests in her outer shell. Hooknosed monster!
Minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Ohlsson Klamberg wants the new defector-organization to be built as an EU Centre in Sweden, since Sweden has managed “so good” to get “Nazis” to defect.
- This proposal has been inspired tremendously by the Swedish model, says Birgitta Ohlsson Klamberg.
Eventually, Cecilia Malmström believes the so-called “Exit programs” will be just as successful for the whole of Europe.
The EU also wants to develop new types of school material to “strengthen resilience” against “Nazism”, investing in the training of local police and social workers and “developing methods” for dealing with “extremism” online.
- I think it’s a good proposal to collect and disseminate the knowledge that there are young people who are moving into extreme environments, says Robert Örell , Operations Manager at Swedish Exit, in ‘Fryshuset’s auspices.
As soon as Jew George Soros arrived in Sweden, he started what capitalist Jews do best: plunder and destroy nations. Along with EU-minister Birgitta Ohlsson Klamberg (married to a Jew) and minister of integration (genocide) Erik Ullenhag, Jew Soros co-wrote a debate-article, which of course was welcomed with glee by the Jew-controlled mass media in Sweden. Jews, like always, are heavily active in subverting every nation and poisoning public opinion. High-finance nation-wrecking Jew Soros stated that Europeans must be replaced with Gypsies in the labor market instead of raising the European people’s nativity.


  1. Defacement and debasement are all jewhiss imperatives. Judasism declares others as beasts in human form, supernal refuse and leftovers from the creation. Apparently the rest were given human form so as not to offend the precious sensibilities of the jew as the other serves the jew, by design. The jew manifests as an eternal perpetraitor and predator and along with its repugnant ideals is best quarantined, for the safety of innocents and those unable to defend themselves.

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    There is a reason why jews desire to be the only voice heard....... It is because that singular faecal voice then becomes the manifest Truth.

  2. Putting Swedish males in reeducation camps might not be a bad idea. Assertiveness training, hand-to-hand combat and weapons training mandatory. Starting at age 2. I'd call it "Camp Grow-A-Pair".