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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Leaders of Jewish Organizations Have Psychological Breakdowns as Mein Kampf Rises

Unsurprisingly, the Jews are really freaking out at the meteoric rise in the sales of Adolf Hitler’s masterpiece, Mein Kampf.

The fact is, when one actually reads the book, with an open mind, the entire Jewish lie about who the man was collapses. Hitler was not the psychopathic monster that the Jews portray him as – he was merely a kind-hearted, gentle humanitarian, with a deep love for his nation. 

His understanding of the Jewish problem came not from some type of obscure personal distaste for the Jews, but from an objective analysis of the Jewish role in the destruction of traditional German society.

All of this is clear in the book.

After Jesus Christ was murdered by the Jews, his followers were hunted down and murdered. They were considered a threat to the established order. After a time, however, the truth became known, and the words of Christ were recognized as the truth, and a guiding light for a new civilization. Something very similar is happening here.

From Fox:
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, thinks online sellers large and small should only sell annotated versions of the book since there’s “no way for those who apply democratic rules and values to the Internet” to ban it outright.
“We know that the facts of life are that you cannot censor any idea from the Internet, it’s simply impossible,” Cooper told 
“But an annotated version is important for someone who doesn’t know the context of the time and so that they’re not reading pure genocidal hate.”
Publishers of the book have acknowledged the concerns of Jewish groups before. Random House, which holds the U.K. copyright on the most popular English translation of “Mein Kampf,” has donated in excess of $1 million to the Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project. In 2000, under pressure from the World Jewish Congress, U.S. rights holder Houghton Mifflin also agreed to fund Jewish causes. But the WJC is now asking the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, to stop selling “Mein Kampf” and other books that promote hate altogether.
Cooper stopped short of asking for the book to be banned, but said annotating it is a thoughtful compromise that would help new generations of readers properly understand a book he says continues to propel “very disturbing, very corrosive” views of Jews worldwide.
“It adds fuel to the fire of hatred,” Cooper said. 
“It’s shorthand for Jew hatred, and that makes it an automatic seller.”
Cooper, along with historical consultant Harold Brackman, said Hitler’s posthumous e-book surge is not entirely unexpected.[...]
In response to the surge in digital downloads of the book, as well as the expiration of its Bavarian copyright next year, the Anti-Defamation League is offering an introduction to the English translation written by Holocaust survivor and ADL National Director Abraham Foxman.
“We believe it is important for Mein Kampf to continue to be published as it does have value to historians and students of World War II and Holocaust history,” Foxman said in a statement. 
“There is always the concern, however, that some people who are already infected with anti-Semitism will misuse the book in an attempt to glorify Hitler or reinforce their own warped views about Jews. We think the only constructive way for the book to be published is with an introduction that explains the historical context and the impact of the thinking behind Hitler’s words, which led right up to the murderous, racist Nazi regime.”

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  1. Beautiful literature cannot ever be destroyed. The mental state of the parasitic, userous and mentally flawed Jew, makes such literature live beyond it's time, and lomg may it last.