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Saturday, 25 January 2014

John Landis

John Landis
We ( received this mail:

Here’s something you may find interesting.

About 20 years after the original Twilight Zone series has ended, this movie was made, which consisted of 4 individual stories, only one of those segments was not a remake of an episode of the Twilight Zone series, and said segment was directed by the Jew John Landis.

His segment is about a “bigot” who said bad things about Jews, and because of this he has to live the life of a Jew in German-occupied France, then of a black man in Southern America, then of a Vietnamese man in the Vietnam war, and finally he becomes a Jew again in occupied France. 

The story ends with the man being sent to a concentration camp.

This in itself is rather unspectacular, but during the filming of a scene where the protagonist has to escape an American helicopter in Vietnam with two Vietnamese kids in his arms, the helicopter crashed on top of them, killing them all. This happened because Landis completely ignored any safety measures and even circumvented child-labor laws to film the scene. The whole thing was completely preventable, and Landis got out of this without ever having to really take responsibility for it, or even showing actual remorse.

So basically, three people had to die for the movie of a Jew, which only had the moral that people who say bad things about Jews deserve to go to a concentration camp.

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