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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Jews, race-mixers and homosexuals: heroes of the Dork Enlightenment

The “neoreactionary” blog Radish Magazine writes on its “about” page:
Attention, visitors of average or lower intelligence, and any unfortunate souls born without a sense of humor: I’m afraid this material is not for you. You are incapable of understanding it
This pretentious and childish style is typical of the “Dark Enlightenment”, also known as the “Dork Enlightenment” or “neoreaction”, a group of bloggers connected by a few vague ideas. In the center of this group we find, like a rabbi in a Haredi sect, the Jew “Mencius Moldbug”, who insists on shifting blame away from the tribe, instead calling the Establishment the “Cathedral” when the “Synagogue” would be more appropriate. For example, Moldbug told Tanstaafl (in the comment section):
In my humble opinion, if you actually want to fight for the white race and all, your most effective strategy is to ditch this nym and blog, and pick another one which loses the Jew stuff.
“Lose the Jew stuff.” Every time a movement appears which is potentially dangerous for Jews, a few Jews will infiltrate it in an attempt to make it harmless, or even to make it serve Jewish interests.

Radish made a post titled “Heroes of the Dark Enlightenment” where they, in the typical juvenile fashion, had created game card images for a number of “heroes” who inspire these bloggers.

In this list we find Jews: Moldbug, Eliezer Yudkowsky and Lawrence Auster, a race-mixer: John Derbyshire, the homosexual activist Jack Donovan and philo-Semites like Jared “Jews look White to me” Taylor and James “it was the Puritans, not the Jews” Donald. (Some of the others may also be dubious, but I haven’t looked into all of them.) To the extent that Radish represents “neoreaction”, this should tell us enough about this virtual movement.

This is not to say that their ideas are all bad. Most of the ideas they share are good. They believe in hierarchy instead of democracy, they recognize differences between races and sexes. But then they almost worship writers like Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, a philo-Semitic nobleman who said with pride that some prominent nobles allegedly were of mixed race. They tend to ignore or downplay the Jewish role. Some of these bloggers oppose ethnic nationalism, and would prefer a multiethnic or even multiracial empire. They especially denounce National-Socialism, rejecting it as “demotic” because it had to appeal to the masses to succeed. This group includes Moldbug himself, as he opposes White nationalism but at the same time hypocritically supports Jewish nationalism.

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