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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Jew Tortures Blond Blue-eyed Children to Sell Sadistic Photos of Pain and Anguish

Jew Jill Greenberg is a sadistic child-torturer who makes a profit out of selling photos of White Aryan children in suffering. All under the cover of “artistic” “freedom”. – Insane Jewess exhibits at ’Fotografiska’ – tormenting blonde children

Posted Friday, January 10, 2014

Jewess Jill Greenberg has a photographic exhibit on ‘Fotografiska’ in Stockholm. It is her most famous photographs, “crying babies” being exhibited. The photos displayed are of weeping and angry children. But the emotional expressions are not natural. No, she has developed them by torturing children. First she takes off their clothes, then gives the children such things as candy, then she takes the candy away from the baby. The children are almost exclusively blond and blue-eyed.

Her photographs have resulted in very strong reactions in the United States.

- Jill Greenberg is a sick woman who should be arrested and prosecuted for child abuse, writes another photographer on their blog…


  1. T.J.B. Typical Jewish Behaviour. Only the mind of a kike whore like this, could even get away with the obvious hate such a programme displays.


  2. People are beginning to wake up to the Jewish plague . Mien kamph is a best seller again on Amazon their time is almost up!

  3. This Jewess deserves punishment for her perversity and hate.

  4. End aid to Israel and demand repayment for all aid given in past.If not ,we wage war on Israel.