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Monday, 27 January 2014

Jan 27: International “Holocaust” Remembrance Day

Don’t forget to check out this new site that someone made. And please spread revisionist links on January 27.

January 27 is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (or “Holocaust” Memorial Day). This is a time for us Goyim to reflect on our eternal and endless historical guilt, and beg forgiveness to Yahweh’s chosen people for existing. We will watch Schindler’s List and light a candle in remembrance of the billions of Jews who were murdered by evil Germans.

This day, we will remember how the Germans steamed people to death like lobsters in steam chambers, zapped them to death with electrical shocks, blasted them with atomic bombs, bashed their brains in with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine while listening to the radio, killed them with poisoned soft drinks and gassed them in technically ridiculous gas chambers.

We will remember how they electrocuted hundreds of thousands of Jews at Belzec with wet electric floors, then automatically cremated them.

We will remember how SS men tore Jewish babies apart with their bare hands, and smashed their heads against boxcars.

We will remember how the blood of hundreds of thousands of Jews one night ignited and burned like fuel, while SS men stood in awe.

We will remember the burning pits at Auschwitz, where truckloads of babies were dumped.

We will remember how the Nazis made bacon, books bound in human skin, bookends from tattooed human skin, briefcases, chair coverings, chandeliers, coat-hangers, fertilizer, flags, framed tattooed flesh (hung on a wall as a picture), gloves, glue, grease, hand-bags, knife sheaths, lamps, lampshades, light switches, mantelpiece ornaments, mats, mattresses, manicure cases, paperweights, photo album coverings, riding britches and trousers, riding crops and whips, riding crop handles, roads, road gritter, ropes, saddles, sausages, slippers, soap (perfumed and non-perfumed), socks, string, submarine equipment, tables, cloths from human skin, tables and chairs made from parts of human bodies, table decorations, tobacco pouches, train oil, walls, wall insulation and soup from innocent Jews.

Never forget.


  1. Black history gets a month, they should get a month too. July, perhaps.

  2. Chimping and Kol Nidre.
    The Congoids and the jew deserve at least a day each--April 1st. and October 31st. ?

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