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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jack I. Fishbein’s “Holocaust” tales

 Jack I. Fishbein (pictured in 1990), editor and owner of the Chicago
Jewish magazine The Sentinel from 1943 until his death in 1996.

This compulsive liar and Jew (redundant) claimed among other things that Nazis forced a Jew to drink human blood:
Most horrifying of all is the story just released from Moscow, reporting on the sadism displayed by the German and Rumanian troops, telling of a woman, who was forced, under threat of violence to her children, to gulp blood drained from her father. When the woman had drunk the blood from a cup, the Nazis tortured her to death after killing her children before her eyes.
Then he called for “Nazis” to be exterminated for opposing Jewish supremacy:
Our boys, who are liberating Europe from the Nazi yoke, are performing the Lord’s work as He would want it done. Every Nazi they kill, adds a halo to their brow.
. . . the only good Nazi is a dead one. No excuses, no philandering with the truth-only this simple fact of life! They must all be eliminated in one way or another. Otherwise, the world can never be thoroughly cleaned of their filth. >>> More...

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  1. Sick lying bastard. The Juden have a sick mind, hence the very things he tries to blame Germans for, they themselves did to girls and children. Filthy pieces of Kike shit. And they wonder why they are hated world-wide.

    Trooper Jones.