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Thursday, 9 January 2014

How Can An Unarmed Man Be 'Lawfully Killed By Police'?

I know the blacks and 'Lefties' are trying to turn this into a 'Race' issue but Mark Duggan was a mixed race (mongrel). Their is video of a Police officer putting something near the body, a gun was found in a sock, it was devoid of any finger prints or DNA, strange huh? The verdict of 'Lawful killing' is based on the fact that the Police officer 'Thought he had a gun'. That is just not good enough! This could very well have been a 'Test run', they knew that the Blacks would seize on this as an excuse to riot (joined by idiot whites) so it was a good test to see how they will handle it when it really kicks off (if you remember most big cities were 'Locked down'). Police State UK is just a gnats tit away!

This Country is on the verge of civil disorder not just because of Mark Duggan but because life is becoming intolerable in this Multi-Culti hell hole that the Jew has inflicted on our people. J.H.

From the Daily Mail:

Mongrel Mark Duggan
Violence broke out today inside the court where the inquest concluded into the death of Mark Duggan who was shot by police.

A growing crowd gathered briefly outside Tottenham Police Station, including his aunt, Carole, to show their anger at the decision. They have now almost entirely dispersed outside the north London station.

Supporters of the father-of-six reacted angrily after the jury ruled that he was lawfully killed by officers who stopped his taxi in August 2011.

His death sparked several days of riots in London and across much of the rest of the UK, and police fear there could be further disorder following the verdict.

After a three-month inquest, the jury decided today that Mr Duggan was unarmed when he was killed but police were right to use lethal force.

There were cries of 'murderers' from the public gallery and the dead man's brother was heard shouting 'f*** them' at the 10 jurors as they left the court after the verdict.

Outbursts continued in the corridors of the Royal Courts of Justice and some supporters smashed a door before security staff were able to get to the scene.

Outside temperatures boiled over as Scotland Yard's assistant commissioner Mark Rowley could barely be heard as he made a statement on the steps of the court as the crowd shouted 'murderer' and 'murdering scum'.

The Metropolitan Police said they have been placed at a 'heightened state of readiness' for fresh disorder across London tonight following the verdict.

Mr Duggan's aunt Carole - seen here outside the station - said: 
'For as long as it takes, God give my family strength'

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