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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

HITLER visits OPRAH (excerpt)

"The Holocaust is a lie!"

Oprah: (continues): The Jewish bankers and Jewish Marxists may have been guilty, but that did not give you the right to do what you did to Jewish women, children, and the elderly. I’m sorry Adolf, but in so doing, you erased all the good that you did and hurt your cause
Hitler: And what is it exactly that you say I did to the Jews?

Oprah: Oh common Adolf! Everyone knows what you did. You initiated the Holocaust. You rounded up the Jews into concentration camps and gassed 6 million of them to death.

Hitler: Lies!

Oprah: What?!

Hitler: I said those are all lies. I am not accusing you of lying Oprah, but you are unknowingly repeating lies. If they lied to you about Jesse Owens, and about Austria, and about Munich, and about Poland, and about Dunkirk, and about Pearl Harbor - then what makes you think they wouldn’t lie about the so-called "Holocaust"? Now, would you like to hear the real story of the Jewish internment?

Oprah: Adolf, I don’t think you will be able to sell this one. But every accused man deserves the opportunity to make his case, no matter how absurd it may be. Let’s hear your defense.

Hitler: Thank you Oprah. After the German-Russian war broke out in the east, Stalin ordered unlimited Partisan warfare against the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, our army.

These Partisan guerrillas, in flagrant violation of commonly accepted rules of warfare, did not wear uniforms, nor did they recognize international laws governing warfare.  To grow the ranks of the Red Partisans, and prevent the Germans from winning over the civilian population, Soviet commandos dressed up in German uniforms and carry out “false-flag” atrocities against their own people, inciting hatred against the Germans.

Communist and Jewish Partisans also formed in other nations, using the same false-flag tactics, and menacing the safety of German troops unable to tell enemy from civilian.  There was massive Jewish participation in, and assistance to, these deadly Partisan groups. The combatants included women & children. Make no mistake Oprah, the majority of Europe’s Jewish population was in fact at war with Germany, and openly proclaimed as such. That is why we interned Europe's Jews in work camps. It was a temporary wartime security precaution, not an extermination program.

Jewish Partisan fighters, including women and children, 
fought a guerrilla war against the Germans.

Hitler: Oh. And by the way Oprah, I would remind you that in February of 1942, Mr. Roosevelt interned 100,000 Japanese Americans and a lesser number of Italians and Germans in his own concentration camps. America wasn’t even being bombed like we were. These were loyal Americans, many with children, who were forced to spend more than three years in these camps.


Oprah: Yes. A very sad and disgraceful chapter in American history. But at least Roosevelt didn’t gas them to death, Adolf!

(Audience cheers.)

Hitler: Neither I nor anyone below me gassed anyone. May I continue?

Oprah: Yes. Please do.

Hitler: While in the camps, the Jews, and also the non-Jewish Communists, were put to work to support the war effort. We Germans were the most civilized of Europe’s people. We went to great lengths to ease the discomfort of the inmates. The camps were even opened to the neutral Red Cross for inspection. Inmates were well fed, housed in warm quarters, and even kept entertained with swimming pools, soccer leagues, concerts, and comedy shows. Some even got married during their internment.

Oprah: Soccer leagues and concerts in the concentration camps? Come on Adolf.

Hitler: Let's have a look at the photos shall we?

(Images appear on big screen. Audience gasps.)

Life in the camps wasn't all work: Jewish Concert  

Jewish Soccer League score card 

Oprah: This is truly amazing information you are giving me here. Well, OK. Clearly, it was not your initial intention to exterminate the Jews. But from 1942 – 1944, the war had not been lost yet. It was only when all seemed lost that you decided to take the camp inmates down with you. Am I right?

Hitler: That is not correct.

Oprah: But then how did 6 million Jews die?

Hitler: First of all, 6 million did not die. No more than 300,000 perished, and it was not due to “gas chambers”. The only “gas chambers” ever used were the delousing showers, which we used to protect the inmates from typhus-carrying head lice. Typhus epidemics have often accompanied war. The ancient Peloponnesian Wars, the Spanish-Moor War, the English Civil War, the Thirty Years War, and the Napoleonic Wars all caused outbreaks of this deadly affliction. In fact, during Napoleon's retreat from Russia in 1812, more French soldiers died of typhus than were killed by the Russians! 

Your American Civil War also caused typhus outbreaks in the southern camps. During World War I, typhus caused three million deaths in Eastern Europe alone! Delousing stations were established for troops on the Western front but the disease ravaged the armies of the East. These are facts Oprah.

Oprah: So the chemicals used in your camps were intended to kill lice, not people?

Hitler: Absolutely! That is why we shaved the heads of some of the inmates. Typhus was a serious problem. The American military took many precautions too. Here (hands Oprah a photo)

During the war, the Americans were very concerned 
about lice and typhus.

Oprah: But my understanding is that the Holocaust was well documented.

Hitler: Be careful with the use of that term, “well documented”. Propagandists will often use it as a tool of persuasion, when in fact, there is no documentation. Not only is there no documentation of this fictitious genocide, but two separate forensic tests of the ruins of the Auschwitz “gas chambers” came back negative!

Oprah: Ruins? But the gas chamber is still there at the Auschwitz museum.

Hitler: No. The Auschwitz gas chamber is a post war propaganda reconstruction. The museum curator will even tell you that, but only if you ask. What they claim was the original gas chamber lies in a pile of ruins. These ruins were indeed tested. There is therefore no forensic evidence to support the big lie.

Oprah: Are you serious?

Hitler: I don’t tell lies, Oprah. But don’t take my word for it. Here is a sobering admission, a concession, made by Timothy Ryback, a self-anointed Jewish expert on the Holocaust. Even he was forced to concede that there is a quote “dearth” – a complete lack of - hard evidence to support the Holocaust.

(Hitler pulls out a card.)

This is from his Wall Street Journal article of 2004. Listen closely to the wording, which I will emphasize:
“Of course, the historical and circumstantial evidence of a premeditated Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe is overwhelming. There are the watch-tower-girded enclosures of Nazi concentration camps and the extensive testimonials of Holocaust survivors, as well as the court protocols of Nazi war criminals, but there is little forensic evidence proving homicidal intent. The Nazis were scrupulous when it came to obscuring the "Final Solution" in bureaucratic euphemism and also dismantling or obliterating their machinery of death. The dearth of hard evidence has fueled a growth industry in Holocaust-denial.”
Oprah: That doesn’t make sense at all. He’s actually admitting that there is no hard evidence, but that the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. How can 6 million people be killed without leaving a trace of hard evidence, especially forensic? That much gas would have been detectable in the walls.

Hitler: These High Priests of Holocaustianity always engage what is known as "circular logic". It goes like this:

1. The Holocaust happened.

2. There is no evidence to prove it.

3. But we must ignore the fact that there is a "dearth of hard evidence" because (back to Square # 1)

4. The Holocaust happened.

(The audience murmurs.)

The original "gas chamber" lies in bombed out ruins. Forensic tests on the stones proved negative for any trace of chemicals. The museum piece "gas chamber" (bottom) is an admitted reconstruction shown to unquestioning suckers. It was built under Stalin's rule.

Hitler: Oprah. Believe me. We Germans are nothing if not efficient. Had we wanted to exterminate the inmates and conceal that fact, it would have been simple enough. Why would we leave so many survivors in the camps after we abandoned them?

Oprah: Oh my God. That’s true. I never thought of that.

Hitler: Not only is there no forensic evidence, but there is no documentary evidence either. During the 1990’s, a British historian named David Irving offered a reward of $10,000 for anyone who could produce a single document proving that I authorized this fictitious mass killing. No one was able to claim the prize! And what do you think eventually happened to Mr. Irving?

Oprah: What?

Hitler: For his scholarly efforts to reveal the truth, Herr Irving was arrested upon visiting Austria, and spent some time in prison.

Oprah: Arrested! Don't they believe in freedom of speech in Europe? On what charges?

Hitler: The charge of thought crime - “Holocaust denial” to be precise. We have a photo of Herr Irving being arrested 

(motions towards the big screen).

David Irving's stellar academic career was ruined once he 
began digging into the "Holocaust".

Oprah: You mean Austria puts people in prison for questioning World War II?

Hitler: That’s right! So do Germany, France, Canada and other nations which profess to be free countries. This alone is evidence of the big lie!

Oprah: You’re right Adolf. They are hiding something. No doubt. 

Hitler: These villains have much to hide. One final point, Oprah. Would it surprise you to learn that 150,000 soldiers of Jewish descent fought for Germany?

Oprah: No way!

Hitler: Yes way! About 60,000 were half Jewish, and 90,000 were one quarter Jewish. Among these were decorated soldiers, officers, and even Generals and Admirals. You see Oprah; I was not fanatically anti-Jewish as much as I was anti-Marxist. As Fuehrer, I personally intervened to assist Dr. Eduard Bloch, the noble Jewish doctor who had treated my cancer stricken mother. I never forgot Dr. Bloch's kindness, and inquired about him when I returned to liberated Austria in 1938.

Author Mark Rigg gathered interviews of many 
of "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers".

Hitler never forgot Eduard Bloch, the Jewish physician 
who had treated his dying mother.

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