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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

England, Whose England?

This documentary was filmed before the intense media brainwashing process 
had begun.

This is a documentary from the early 70s, showing how the cities of London and Birmingham and nearby towns were being flooded by Third Worlders.

It also shows the strong resistance of the the indigenous Brits, most of which still had a spine back then unlike the cowards of today, who seem to embrace their displacement by the colonizing invaders.

Part One

Part Two

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  1. The comments that accompany this article, although well meaning, are inherantly wrong. The NF was not supported en-mass by the cattle in Britain sadly. The party itself was compromised from early on by state agents, one was a homo-sexual. Mr Tyndall tried hard from early on, but was himself accused of treachery by forming the BNP in 1982. The NF has, and the British too, been shafted. History is, and has many times, repeated itself, and now Mr Griffin is taking a pounding like Mr Tyndall before him. We never learn, so please fellow White Nationalists, don't get misty eyed over supposed 'good times', it was always a damned struggle. We will need something new, and quickly very soon. No more political parties will do what we require, it is too late for that avenue now. As a former NF activist from '69' until I left with Mr Tyndall to join the BNP, I know what I'm talking about. We need a completely new, rights based organisation, and to that end, I am talking to the right person. Stay tuned.

    Former NF 69.