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Monday, 6 January 2014

Energy Company Raises Bills by 18 Percent and then Mocks Those Who Struggle to Pay

In a totally assinine manner, First Utility, a power supply company here in the UK, has suggested some ways for customers who are worried about paying their bills to cut back. This is a company that raised their prices by 18%.

They advise their customers to:
  • Share showers
  • Go without hot drinks twice a week
  • Turn off the TV and play board games
  • Use the microwave more instead of cooking real food
  • Go to bed early two nights a week to stay warm
They are advocating the 5:2 energy diet, ‘fasting’ on energy usage two days a week in order to reduce bills. Following their plan could save customers £154 a year.

Although stormy this winter has so far been incredibly mild, which is a massive relief for those who struggle with heating costs in winter. I dread to think what they would have come up with if the weather had been bad and utility bills had really soared.

May I suggest a few ways they could cut costs and reduce customer bills?
  • Sack a couple of over paid executives.
  • Fire their public relations officer…for obvious reasons
  • Reduce their profit margin by 1%
  • Provide cut-price insulation etc for seniors
There are elderly people in this country that have to make the decision of heat or eat on a pretty regular basis. There are hundreds of thousands of families who are in fuel poverty. To mock them like this is disgusting. I urge all First Utility customers to change supplier, there are companies out there with much better price tariffs than you are getting with First Utility.

Speaking to the Independent Ed Kamm of First Utility said:
“These tips are meant to provide some advice on how we might reduce our energy usage and absolutely not intended to trivialise the issue of fuel poverty, something we take very seriously.”
Really? Looks more like another example of crass and ill thought-out crap, masquerading as advice that spews from the mouths of those who have enough money that they don’t have to worry about fuel bills and the rises imposed by greedy energy companies.

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