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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Don't Publish Pictures Of Goyim Because They Are All Evil, Hasidic Letter Writer Says

"…Therefore, since your newspaper is read by thousands of Jews, you carry the immense responsibility not to cause them to look at the faces of evil people. It should be noted that in certain articles that are accompanied with pictures you do ensure that the faces of goyim are blurred out. We thank you for that, and we beg you that this should be your policy for the entire publication. We always have to remember that we are Jews and we have no relationship with the Goy, and we should not see his picture.…"
The following letter was published Friday in Satmar-hasid-owned Der Blatt Yiddish newspaper. Published in Brooklyn, Dr Blatt is considered to be the mouthpiece of the Aharon faction of Satmar, which is based in Kiryas Joel. The letter was published without comment from Der Blatt's editors:

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