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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Demonic Jewry Turning Our Race TO CRAP

I CAN’T TELL you how much this subject pisses me off. Just thinking about it right now makes me insanely furious. These stinking GD Jews really are working to breed away our noble and beautiful White race!

Now, there’s some seriously braindead White people out there who would read that last sentence and immediately scream “WHITE SUPREMACIST,” or the dreaded “NAZI!” Why do these people feel so ready to attack a fellow White? Simply because I love my race? Why must someone who cares about his own kind be so accused and cursed? Because we’re the ones these demonic Globalist Jews are out to silence and turn into a spat-upon minority, that’s why.

People see it. Oh, they probably won’t say so but they notice the “PC” brainwashing in the media everywhere. And it’s growing on a daily basis. Whites usually stay silent to each other, since PC has so effectively muzzled us (blacks laugh about it). Whites are scared other Whites will call them names, make it out like they are so hateful and evil for even mentioning the matter.

You don’t have to take my word for it (me being a big racist hater guy and all). You merely have to think about it on your own and extrapolate out to understand just how nefarious these efforts are to our race over the course of time (actually sooner than you think). Things are so blatantly obvious in the media, it doesn’t take much to show you examples:

Go here: MUDSHARK MADNESS, to see White women (or friends and family) who have paid the ultimate price for the Jewish brainwashing of our race. You won’t believe how horrible things have become.

If you’re a White person reading here, just think about what these devious bastards are up to. Let’s say you’re a young White guy, maybe someone who likes playing video games and cruising the Internet, who just happened to stumble on my site out of the blue. First, let me thank you for reading and thinking about all this so far. Please continue.

Whites are beautiful, highly-creative and intelligent people, who have brought incredible, astounding things to the world. Tens of millions of “people of color” across the globe would not even be alive right now if it wasn’t for us. Think that’s BS? Think again, pal.

On the right, to illustrate the beauty and sexiness of the White race (and maybe also entice a few males here using image search engines), I took a little time (OK, a lot of time) to lovingly create a piece of original spot art featuring a sexy White girl – in this case, the super hottie actress Teresa Palmer from Down Under (raised catholic).

Thanks, Australia – and thanks, too, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer!

Of course, if I was a woman, I might have done up a shot of some White guy – maybe of another good-looking Aussie, like the multi-talented and Jew-aware catholic Mel Gibson, when he was a younger man (Mad Max was wildly popular with the ladies back in the 80′s).*

After looking at my photo montages above and thinking about what you’ve seen in the media too, you may well ask yourself “how can these stinking Jew creeps get away with trashing our race like this?” Good question, my friend.

First, they’ve created “PC” to intimidate our race into silence. Whites can barely say JACK before the PC police start screaming bloody murder. This happens all the time now.

Second, the mothers pretty much own and control the mass media. Anybody working in these places who dares to say something in the defense of Whites and Christianity (which they freely treat like a big joke), or maybe broaches certain “politically inconvenient” topics (like anything bad sacred Israel does), gets shown the door – toot suite. It’s really that simple.

Thirdly, the rich Globalist Jews have been using their FIAT paper money power (the Jew’s debt shackles and central banking monopoly) to quietly fund radical social change programs through-out the educational systems of our White countries in the West – even little kiddies are now getting indoctrinated for PC and faggotry. And we all know just how ridiculously “PC” universities are like. It’s been a big joke for a long time on how commie these places have become.
Jewry, as a whole, greatly fears a racially awakened White race since we might well put a serious monkey wrench into their long-running Global Governance ambitions (the NWO) – before they install the final Police State chains on us and our countries. Haven’t you noticed all the BS going down over the NSA, Homeland Security and FEMA? God, what do you think it’s all leading up to?
Now the idiot libtard multicults have all sorts of reasons to justify doing this to ourselves. First off, they might think, or at least try to say, us White people don’t even exist as a race, that we’re some kind of wierd “social construct,” like we just made up our race to take advantage of everyone else. How friggin’ GD stupid is that?

If that doesn’t fly, the fools might try to explain that “us Whites are the cause of evils, wars, genocide and slavery, all the time, etc. etc.” Don’t these bozos have a clue that such things have been done by other races and often in much worse ways? Do they ever stop to think that a lot of the crap they’ve been fed in the media and in schools might be propaganda turned to history (the victor writes the story) and sometimes even purposeful lies against our race?

A relatively recent term called “White Privilege,” is now being used by the well-funded anti-White forces. It’s really a spin-off on the idea of a supposed WASPY “old boy’s network,” going back to the beginnings of lefty doctrine, but getting professional re-marketing so they can use it to attack evil Whitey more. Somehow it also explains away black’s animalistic behavior and willingness to live on the public dole no matter what liberal “progress” is made. 

It makes it out like all us Whites are “secretly” still racist and born with a silver spoon in our mouths — living in a world of easy employment and leisure – while silently, even unconsciously, working to hold back the poor, yet noble Negroes.

I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell haven’t gotten any special perks and jobs ever in my life just for being White – unlike other races do with never-ending Affirmative Action programs and job promotions that openly discriminate against our race.

In the last twenty years or so, Jew media has been portraying half breeds (mulattos) as sexy and hot. My fairly nice White ass! Sure, some of them might look good and act half-way decent in front of you, but that’s only if White features predominate, which would occur less and less as time goes on. It’s purely a function of genetic influx and numbers, as any clear-thinking genetic scientist will understand – yet be careful on who they say it to — especially if they don’t want to lose tenure or get his or her papers published.

Frankly, your average mulatto looks like a muddy-colored little pug dog with kinky hair. For example, the photo on the right is a child in a recent Cheerios commercial with an interracial couple, that got quite a few smart people pissed. The company acted like it was nothing. Personally, I think the girl looks kind of funky, but wouldn’t say that to her face, since I’m not a mean man – just super pissed what the bastards are doing to my race.

Now the mother of the paid little girl actress, probably thinks her child is so cute and beautiful. That’s human nature. No one can expect anything else. Hell, Quasimodo’s mom probably adored him, too.

The diabolically clever people manipulating our race know these certain facts of life and freely use our emotions against us without worry. People naturally think little kids are cute, but if they happen not to think a particular one is, then they almost always refrain from saying so openly to lessen the chance of internal trouble within the pack. This is a known human behavior pattern.

Which leads me to my next issue: The “human” excuse bandied around by brainwashed multicult fools out there.

This is another place where our emotions and sense of fair play is used against us. Basically, they want you to feel sorry for every damn proto-humanoid born anywhere else on the planet and demand the rest of us go along with letting them live in our White nations. They could care friggin’ less about spoiled, militant Third Worlders greedily sucking on our tax dollar tit, while getting free health care and social services for their spawn — who will grow up to get all the jobs, leaving our children to be spat upon in the streets, or worse.

And it’s totally ridiculous to expect our nations to take in everybody. So, too, is their clever crap saying we just want “the best of them,” so we can take advantage of their smarts. In reality, this mostly happens only with profit-hungry multinational companies (who park profits overseas to escape high US corporate tax rates). These workers have long been hurting job prospects and living wages for our citizens. It’s also plain to see that the libtard multicult forces don’t really care what sort of flotsam and jetsam washes up on our shores – both for short-term “progressive” politics (like voting for democrats) and in destroying the White race’s long-term racial demographics.

Another thing: WTF are we doing enticing the best of other countries to leave in the first place? Don’t those countries deserve to improve themselves by using the best of their own? Isn’t doing things like that a form of evil when you really get down to it?

Now, getting back to Jewry’s efforts to breed us away (I tend to go off on tangents a lot since the Jew BS turning America into CRAP is so far-ranging these days).

On the Friday before this last Christmas, a black broke into the Erb family home in Indiana to get some payback from a boss who fired him the year before. He brutally murdered and possibly raped the guy’s wife and daughter in their own basement. Blacks kill Whites like this all the time — in South Africa it happens practically daily.

It now seems patently obvious that blacks are a much more primitive, even bestial race (ABOVE), probably on the order of 200,000 years less evolved than the Caucasian race (depending on how much stolen White genetics a few have). Although still different, I consider the hard-working, law-abiding and clean Asians (Chinese etc. not Paki's) to have more in common with White people than blacks, by far.

Us Whites have bent over backwards during the last fifty years or so to help these violent, lazy-ass, worthless Africans out, and all we ever get is constant, endless Negro whining about this or that, and anti-Christian, White-hating race crap in the media. They all just love hating Whitey.

Don’t forget all that’s in addition to blacks victimizing us with robbery, rape (White women are raped over 100 times a day by blacks), or insanely horrific murders and thrill hate crimes on the streets – targeting our race with mob attacks and the knock-out game.” Blacks are quite obviously criminal – often violently crazy animals — who kill each other at the drop of the hat over practically nothing (even the wrong color t-shirt) and sometimes us White people too, should they get the chance.

You never hear how bad things really are, simply because the Jew media specifically works to keep our race in the dark so we don’t become outraged enough to finally piss-off PC.

And how about all the ridiculous “black worship” crap in the media? Every time you turn around they put up some inane report on TV on how brave and stoic they’ve been in the face of us evil racist Whites, or fill the hero roles in Hollywood movies – as if blacks are always so great and can do no wrong.

Then we have to watch them on TV all the time reporting the news. Funny, it seems they really like that combination of a White babe with a black guy, don’t they?

Think it out, White people: To allow our race to be done away with, submerged into the morass of Third World mud — especially the primitive and violent blacks – is absolutely, incredibly stupid. Saying blacks are only different from us Whites by the color of skin is ridiculous to point of being laughable.

OK, so call me a racist, I don’t care. This site is dedicated to exposing the truth to my fellow White people, who very much need to wake up to what is being done to them.

And the SOBing Globalist Jews behind the brainwashing of our women are out-and-out demonic. These devious bastards will reap the whirlwind, sooner or later.

Thank you.

– Phillip Marlowe

* A White guy for the ladies:

Mel Gibson in “Braveheart.”

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