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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Contention - Zyclon B was a benign intervention

January 27th is 'International Holocaust Remembrance Day'. 

Not to be left out Birmingham City Council has Holocaust Memorial Day on 26th January. No doubt they will be indoctrinating school kids about the 'horrors' of the gas chambers of Auschwitz and telling people how evil Adolf Hitler was. 

The Holohoax industry is a billion dollar world wide scam which has the side benefits of, making the Goyim feel guilty, in addition to the implication that "Nationalism could lead to another Holocaust." 

The main Holohoax narrative has concentrated on the supposed gassing of millions of Jews at Auschwitz. Revisionists and Nationalists have made serious dents into their fake stories - so much so that the more macabre ones; such as shrunken heads and Jewish skin lamp shades have been quietly dropped. I read a book recently called Soldat ~ Reflections of a German Soldier 1936 - 1949

In this memoir of a German solider in WW2 he fights on many fronts and is promoted to the General Staff right at the end of the war. He goes into Soviet captivity for 5 years and explains the terror (as a member of the General Staff he was lucky not to be sent to a Labour camp)

The author speaks of interrogations lasting for days, sensory deprivations in black sheds lasting months at a time (for the slightest sign of resistance against the guards), and prisoners being sent East to never be seen again if they lied to a guard or stole anything. 

The cruelty of the German 'antifascists' who worked for the NKVD is detailed. He also speaks of the meager diet of  watery cabbage soup with the occasional putrid small fish (head and guts included), with a small slice of bread and the very rare chunk of rough meat (animal hair included). Even after all these things he then goes on to say ...

Siegfried Knappe writes on pg 313 
"Probably the worst aspect of prison life after the loss of freedom and hunger was bedbugs - millions and millions of them. There were so many of them that they went right on biting in the daytime.There was no point in trying to kill them, because there was so many. The biggest ones were almost as big as lady bugs. In the winter, when we were counted inside, we could see the bedbugs crawling on the bunk posts as we stood at attention."
"We finally persuaded the activists (German anti fascists working for the Soviets) to mention it to the Russians. After that, we had to move out every two or three months so the Russians could fumigate the barracks and kill the bedbugs. 
Then for a few days we would have some relief, but the bedbugs would gradually begin to build up again. The Russians just could not get rid of the bedbugs completely, and for those prisoners who were allergic to bedbug bites it was pure hell. During the worst times, some of the men would be literally covered with bites."

Why does this matter? 

It matters because Zyklon b was a insecticide.

The NSDAP didn't want lice to spread in the camp as this would lead to disease outbreaks and make life intolerable for inmates. It matters because if the Jews and those allied to them have lied about that - they will lie about anything. 

I would contend that the Jews and Marxists have played on the empathy of the European and have used these horror stories for the last 70 years to perpetuate their lies, in a view to fulfilling their goals as stated in the Protocols of the elders of Zion. As some commentators argue - There is no way out except the Holocaust! Until we can get more people to deal with this uncomfortable subject and help them overturn a life time of pernicious and wicked propaganda, we as a race will continue to wither on the vine and slowly dissapear from this earth.

This is the bullshit that's being rammed down the throats of our young children as young as 5, at our state 'Brainwashing Centres' otherwise known as 'Schools':

'Oh vey the poor eternal victim Jew'

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