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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Codreanu Learns the Evil Nature of the Alien Jewish Race

Fanatic Romanian Legionaries with their Captain Codreanu in the lower center. They were seriously devoted to rescuing their people from the death grip of International Jewry. These deeply religious warriors were ready to kill Jews and traitors, or die trying.
“…I saw in the columns of these newspapers, at a time of great Romanian hardship, all the hatred and foxy plotting of an enemy race, settled and tolerated here by the pity and only by the pity of the Romanians. I saw how they flaunted their lack of respect for the Romanian Army’s glory and for the hundreds of thousands who died in its sanctified uniform; their lack of respect for the Christian faith of an entire people.
No day passed without venom being poured into our hearts from each page.
By reading those newspapers which crisped my soul, I came to know the real feelings of these aliens, which they revealed without reticence, at a time they thought we had been knocked to the ground. I learned enough anti-Semitism in one year to last me three lifetimes. For one cannot strike the sacred beliefs of a people or what their heart loves and respects, without hurting them to the depths and without blood dripping from their wound. Seventeen years have passed since and the wound is still bleeding…”
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu – For My Legionaries: The Iron Guard

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  1. A single teardrop from a baby Aryan, is worth a million alien in physical form. We must secure a future for our own portion of humanity, whatever it takes, and whom ever of our own we have to leave in the fire of the foreign city. If they refuse to listen, let them burn.