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Wednesday, 8 January 2014


What is the true state of the Earth’s climate system?

By Dane Wigington

Now is the time when legitimate investigation and diligent discernment are most needed in the quest for truth.In years past, the government, main stream media, special interest groups, and others, had a definite agenda behind the message of “global warming”. Without disclosing the whole truth, and certainly without any disclosure of the ongoing climate engineering, the global power structure and their minions sought to implement various forms of control and taxation over society, using the climate issue as the premise. Now, all the media does is hype up one engineered “winter storm” after another, what has changed? Is the world really getting colder?

The game has indeed changed. Confusion and wrong conclusions are now the norm even for those that are diligently seeking the truth. Now that all the major powers have signed on to massive global geoengineering programs, and abandoned any notion of curbing greenhouse gas immersions, these powers, the military industrial complex, the fossil fuel industry, and others, have now doubled down on global climate engineering. The global elite owned main stream media (including all major weather forecast agencies) are doing the bidding of their string pullers, they are painting a picture of brutal cold and winter all over, but is this really the truth?

Who is spending almost a billion dollars to have media show us the engineered cold areas and then ignore the record warm areas?

The map below is the most recent GISS surface analysis from NASA. This map is the absolute bottom line of reality regarding the true state of our warming planet. The extremely radical range of temperature variances is tell tale of the immense and ongoing geoengineering assault on planet earth.

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  1. The Christian Bible states:
    'God will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth'. The weather is being manipulated by the hidden hand behind most nations. The Rothschilds have invested in so-called 'weather prediction technology' in China, where Jews have been involved for over a century.

    When they do that, you know there is a con behind it. The world is in serious danger, along with the whole of mankind.