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Monday, 6 January 2014


Niglets fucking around in grocery store fingerfucking and eating food he’s not paying for. Male Negro scolds child, then confronts his single mom, sheboon proceeds to chimp out on niglets,niglets chimp out in return, complete with wig snatching and face punching mom.


Nice. Fucking spoiled niglet won’t be laughing when he’s in Jew York’s foster care system.

How can people say we’re the same species as the creatures in this video?

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  1. The Disease this Planet calls Niggers is that of a regressive genetic nature, evolving as nothing more than an aggressive Parasite that can multiply at an astounding rate.

    Everything it comes in contact with is either destroyed, assimilated by force, or regresses backwards into a fog of stupidity and eventual destruction and genetic stagnation.

    They are not Human as in Homo Sapiens.
    They are however Homo Erectus, meaning they walk upright.
    They are Homo Epeslic, meaning they have 10 fingers and 10 toes and an articulated thumb.

    Their cranium is elongated at a 12 Degree drop consisting of a total of a 10mm extrusion of bone matter exiting the Obits of the eyes, meaning they have a sloped forehead.

    The Femurs of their legs consist of 22% more bone matter than that of a human, meaning they are not as resistant to infections as a Human, and their White Blood cell count is much lower and not able to replenish itself as quickly.

    Their lungs are 20% epolastic tissue compared to a human who only has 2% of this tissue.
    Meaning they can not use oxygen as effectively as a Human can, and can not tolerate high altitudes.

    Their Brain mass is as low in some cases as 33% that of a normal human. Brain receptor neurons used for the higher functions that Humans have simply do not exist in niggers at all.

    Few if any niggers have a blood type of O positive, the universal donor in fact the blood from a nigger even if it is said to be the same type can be deadly to a human.

    Nigger blood does not retain or process Iron effectively making the blood from a nigger very anemic.

    Niggers tend to be 40% more effected by being color blind than Humans meaning the brain of a nigger can not distinguish color, distance calculations or three dimensional objects as well as being subjective to night blindness.

    The Cerebral Cortex ,the mother board of the brain, is 40% smaller in a nigger than that of a human.
    It also does not have the Enzyme called Nuroplastin, an Enzyme that allows Humans to communicate with the entire brain and its resources in a problem situation, drawing from all of the brains memory or functions simultaneously.
    As opposed to one small portion which causes frustration then anger over the fact they cant understand something simple.

    The capillaries of a niggers skin can not receive the volume of blood to the skin that a humans can.
    Thus making them very susceptible to cold environments, and making frost bite a real possibility even in temporal climates.

    I could go on, but niggers are not Homo Sapiens, there is really not a PC term for what they are except Homo Precipitous.
    Meaning something thought to have become extinct over 30 million years ago.

    There I said it because everyone else is afraid to in the Media.
    And science knows this yet continues to remain silent for fear of being labelled as racist.