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Thursday, 23 January 2014



Why this Blog?

Both the frequency and severity of black-on-White violent crime have increased annually, since the end of the Civil War. Following the onset of the so-called "Civil Rights" movement, black-on-White violence has increased exponentially. Department of Justice reports reveal that more than 2 million White Americans are beaten, robbed, raped, or killed every year by non-White perpetrators. They also show that Whites are anywhere from 10 to 50 times more likely to be the victims of interracial violent crimes than vice versa. As it happens, the election (and subsequent re-election) of Barack Obama to the presidency has initiated another escalation in anti-White violent crime. During his five years in office, black-on-White crime has not only increased in quantity, but in kind. New types of assaults have developed, such as "The Knock-out Game" (sometimes called "Polar Bear Hunting" because the victims are White) and "flash mobs."

(NOTE: The numbers stated above are based on careful analyses of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports and National Crime Victimization Surveys. The figures given are very conservative. The department of justice deliberately obfuscates the statistics in an effort to downplay the extent of black-on-White violent crime. For instance, there is a category for race-based crimes against Hispanics, but no category for race-based crimes committed by Hispanics. The interracial violent crimes that Hispanics commit against blacks are categorized by the reports as "White-on-black" crime. This makes it appear as if Whites are committing more crimes than they actually are. Even with this deliberate distortion the black-on-White violent crime rate is at least 10 times greater than the reverse and were the statistics not distorted the black-on-White crime rate would be seen to be perhaps as much as 50 times greater. The New Century Foundation publishes an excellent report, The Color of Crime, which analyzes the DOJ data.)

This escalating violence means, that given an average life expectancy of 75 years, every white man, woman, and child can expect to be made a victim of black violence at least once in his or her lifetime.

There are two main reasons for the rise of black-on-White violence: 1. Forced Integration, which increases the interaction between the two groups, giving blacks more opportunity to victimize Whites and 2. Cultural-Marxist Propaganda, that teaches a false history of past racial relations intended to make Whites feel guilty and to encourage blacks to be angry and resentful toward Whites. White-guilt causes Whites to behave submissively toward blacks while at the same time Cultural-Marxist inspired anger and resentment emboldens blacks to be belligerent and aggressive.

All the institutions of power in this country are complicit in these crimes. The academy and churches teach Cultural Marxist propaganda, the mainstream media misrepresent the facts, frequently manufacturing stories about White-on-black violence (see Trayvon Martin and the Duke Rape Hoax) in an effort to promote it (the propaganda), and the government enforces it. This blog was founded to both document individual occurrences of anti-White crime and to demonstrate the complicity of our institutions.

Just one days posts :

JAN 22, 2014

Black Thug Beats 85-Year-Old White Man to Death


An 85 year old white male was beaten to death by a young black outside of a public housing project in Wilmington. The thug is only being charged with second degree murder.

If the races had been reversed, this would have been a national news story. Instead it is a hush crime. The local media didn’t even publish a picture of the victim. . . . Read more

White Woman Brings Homeless Black Male into Home with Her 2 Teenaged Children, He Kills Her


Murder defendant Brian S. Mallory asked on the opening day Monday of his Hanover County jury trial for a new lawyer, a new judge, a new mental evaluation, and, finally, a new jury. He was denied all four requests.

Mallory, 44, is facing a possible life sentence in the brutal stabbing death of a beloved Beaverdam-area woman who’d taken him into her home in . . . Read more

Execution Delayed for Black Drug-Runner Who Killed White Cop with a Pipe Bomb


A South Florida drug trafficker convicted of killing a state trooper with a pipe bomb is once again scheduled to die.

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday set Paul Augustus Howell's new execution date for Feb. 26, according to a letter Scott sent to the warden of Florida State Prison.

Scott signed a death warrant for Howell last January, but the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit  . . . Read more

White Family Fights Parole for Black Murderer of Their Baby


The family of a 1-year-old boy who was fatally shot while sitting in his car seat at a gas station parking lot is fighting to keep his killer in jail.

Ryan Hacke’s family has started a petition to deny the man who killed Ryan, Vaughn Mathis, parole.

Ryan’s mother, Mary Beth, described her son as precious and beautiful before he was killed in . . . Read more

Black Students Threaten 'Physical Action' if UM Doesn't Meet their Demands for Money & More Blacks


Emboldened by the MLK holiday, black students at the University of Michigan are getting uppity.

Back in 2006, Michigan voters did away with affirmative action in college admissions, which predictably led to fewer black students at the state’s top universities. Black freshman enrollment at UM dropped from 6.8% in 2008 to 4.6% in 2012.

In response to this completely just decrease in the number of black students, the Negro agitators in the Being Black at UM organization have issued a list of demands, one of which is that 10% of the student body must be black, regardless of academic ability. They have threatened that if the university does not comply within seven days, “physical action” will follow.

If we examine their full list of demands one by one, we can see that their entire program boils down to “gibs me dat!” and “dat be racist!”:

We demand that the university give us an equal opportunity to implement change, the change that complete restoration of the BSU purchasing power through an increased budget would obtain.
In other words, more money.
We demand available housing on central campus for those of lower socio-economic status at a rate that students can afford, to be a part of university life, and not just on the periphery.
More handouts.
We demand an opportunity to congregate and share our experiences in a new Trotter [Multicultural Center] located on central campus.
Build us more free stuff.
We demand an opportunity to be educated and to educate about America’s historical treatment and marginalization of colored groups through race and ethnicity requirements throughout all schools and colleges within the university.
Teach all White students to worship us and hate themselves.
We demand the equal opportunity to succeed with emergency scholarships for black students in need of financial support, without the mental anxiety of not being able to focus on and afford the university’s academic life.
Even more money.
We demand increased exposure of all documents within the Bentley (Historical) Library. There should be transparency about the university and its past dealings with race relations.
We deserve all this free stuff, because the university used to be racist.
We demand an increase in black representation on this campus equal to 10 percent.
If, even with all the free money and housing, we still can’t succeed academically, we get to attend UM anyway.

Even the most slavish of brainwashed White liberals might have a hard time meeting all of these demands in a timely fashion, which means that we might get to see this unspecified “physical action”. All we can say is that when blacks take “physical action”, things can get ugly.

In the situation at UM, we can see the same story that is playing out everywhere Whites and blacks live together. Lacking the intelligence and will-power of Whites, the dark-skinned masses develop an implacable hatred and envy of Whites, and they demand equal status and benefits. In normal circumstances Whites would simply ignore these demands, but thanks to Jewish political correctness and cultural Marxism, Whites have been programmed to accept the ridiculous lie that blacks fail due to “racism”, despite the fact that Africans lived a primitive and barbaric life for millennia, long before ever encountering Europeans. Non-white inferiority ensures that this equal status cannot be achieved, leading to a never-ending cycle of black demands for “equality”, Whites giving blacks money, and more black failure. This cycle will result in more wasted resources and more victims of black criminality, until the Jewish yoke is thrown off and we stop believing that blacks can ever be raised to our level.


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