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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bizarre racial Stockholm Syndrome in Ithaca attack

A white girl was slashed in the face by five black girls. But the victim and her mother seem more concerned about “racist” interpretations of the crime than the crime itself. They’ve even said “we are not a racist family” (no one ever said they were). The victim has pictures of herself all over social media cavorting with black men, and instead of being angry about being slashed in the face, the victim and her family are more angry that people online aren’t burying the race of her attackers.
“this girl is my daughter and whomever started this racist shit are morons. We r not a racist family so don’t believe everything u read. At least the journal and cny although vague have all the facts correctly inatead of guessing at shit like these crazy people on tjose blogs”.


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