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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

'Benefits Street' child bride, 15, has baby with her husband entitling Romanian couple to £88-a-month child hand outs

The 15-year-old child bride featured on controversial television programme Benefits Street has had a baby with her Romanian migrant 'husband', it has been revealed.

The 15-year-old child bride featured in Channel 4 series Benefits Street 

The girl was seen on the Channel 4 series on Monday, where she was on screen alongside her husband, who gave his name only as Alex and described the marriage - illegal in both the UK and Romania - as 'alright, no problem'.

It has now been revealed that months after documentary makers finished filming the series on James Turner Street in Birmingham, where 90 per cent of residents receive state handouts, the couple had their fist child.

The baby girl was reportedly born in a hospital in the city, although the couple were thought to have temporarily left the UK for Romania to sign official papers relating to the three-month-old.

The child's birth means the couple are now entitled to receive £88 every month in child benefit, as well as additional tax credits - although it is not known if they intend to claim them. Despite giving his name as Alex, the new father's family said his name was in fact Stefan Stana, while his partner, who was unnamed in the show, is Madalina Balasa, who is now 16.

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