The 14 Words

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

An extract of a Skype conversation between myself and Cairo 01 01 2014

We are planning on doing a regular Podcast in the New Year. Also Vids and original music. But for now you maybe interested in our thoughts or you may not give a fuck, that's up to you. But I can tell you that Cairo and I, are committed National Socialists (Nazi's) and unlike some we are not afraid to say so. If you don't like that because of the Juden brainwashing Fuck Off. 88

[21:50:30] Cairo*: i was just saying Everything that is wrong or Evil with the world can all be traced back to the Jews !

[21:50:45] John Hardon: The Edomites were already a mixed race, unlike the observant Israelites who had continued to observe the strict racial purity laws of the Old Testament. Jesus reminded the Israelites of these laws and the covenant that had been made with their fathers, repeatedly saying that he came ‘not to any, but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel’, as well as speaking in parables that only they could understand.

[21:51:46] John Hardon:

[21:52:35 | Edited 21:53:21] John Hardon: They are not even Jews, they are mongrel scum

[21:52:41] Cairo*: yes true i sussed this a while ago

[21:53:49] Cairo*: the word jew was invented in the 1800s they were Edomites from Edom before then

[21:54:20] John Hardon: Yes, I understand that now, I have learnt such a lot this past year

[21:54:36] Cairo*: and the edomites were a mixed tribe yes

[21:54:56] John Hardon: Satan's tribe?

[21:55:53] Cairo*: yes every jew can be traced all the way back to CAIN the devils son the first jew

[21:56:10] Cairo*: half eve half serpent

[21:56:27] John Hardon: Ok

[21:56:39] Cairo*: thats what i believe anyway

[21:58:23] Cairo*: partly because they write about it themselves partly because of scriptures and partly the way the jews behave as a whole

[21:58:54] John Hardon: Well as far as I'm concerned you cannot be a National Socialist without believing in the Creator (God). But at the same time what you and many 'Christian ID' Nationalists are saying is a lot to take in for the idiot sheeple out there.

[21:59:31] Cairo*: i know it seems like some kind of wild myth

[21:59:54] John Hardon: I think its too much to take in for most

[22:00:08] Cairo*: but jesus himslf called them snakes and vipers

[22:00:14] John Hardon: Yes

[22:00:26] Cairo*: and told us their father is the Devil

[22:01:55] John Hardon: The problem is that we have a lot of Pagans fighting for our cause (not many athiests). Wodenists and the like class what we are talking about as Jewish bullshit like Islam and Judaism.

[22:02:38] Cairo*: a lot of satanic sympathisers or communists !

[22:03:18] John Hardon: Maybe but we are a 'broad church' (for want of a better word)

[22:03:40] Cairo*: and all jews are communists so really they have been judaized

[22:03:58] Cairo*: anything else is abnormal to them especially NS

[22:04:21] John Hardon: Yes NS scares the shit out of them

[22:04:37] John Hardon: Bring on the SS


  1. Excellent folks. I like the fact that our people are getting to grips with the obvious, that we are a broad church. Given that, we all now need to be a part of a single, definable movement. We have done no good fragmented.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the above posters point.What we need, as a movement, is to have a few, simple, easily definable points on which THERE IS NO DEBATE i.e (just provisionally) you cannot be a WN or part of the broader movement if you do not consider the preservation of the white race as the UTMOST imperative, you cannot be a WN if you don't recognise the evil nature of the Jews, you cannot be a WN if you don't recosnise the validity of basic gender roles (and reject 'alternative' lifestyles such as homosexuality). Within this, however, debate and disagreement should be perfectly possible and we can move forward together agreeing on a simple, broad program of taking back our countries and opposing..(frankly whether someone believes in an Aryan christ, or worship Woden or Thor, or is even an atheist should, at this point, be irrelevant, provided they are 'on the same page' re race, the jews, and basic 'cultural values')

  3. "21:53:49] Cairo*: the word jew was invented in the 1800s".

    Not something that i've heard before. Can you provide definate historical sources for this, as I would like to look this up thanks.


    1. I asked Cairo and he sent me this reply:

      1729 Daniel Mace New Testament is the first Scripture to contain the word "Jew", here in Romans 2:13 - 3:21.